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  1. Halloween is just two days away and Holidays are also around the corner; which means that organizing what gifts you are going to give and what will be in your own wishlist, is starting to take a shape. Here are a few links to give you a few ideas and keep you up to date about all stuff beauty and other.

    3 Iconic Catwoman Costumes: Newmar, Pfeiffer & Hathaway : xoVain is definitely one of my  favourite beauty sites and for this year's Halloween there are so many ideas and suggestions about what you can dress up. But this tutorial about Catwoman is on top of my list and I can think I will try these in my everyday make-up styles.

    AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #7 Preview : "Afterlife With Archie" by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla is a comic series that I have been following since its beginning and I am always looking forward what's next for Archie and the gang in this more adult and scarier story arch; Riverdale is filled with zombies and Archie along with Betty, Veronica and others are trying their best to survive the horror. The preview of "Afterlife With Archie #7" shows a little bit of the whereabouts of our heroes and makes the reader yearn for more.

    Bobbi Brown Holiday Gift Guide 2014 : As I have said before, I am sucker for fancy packaging and Bobbi Brown's holiday collection has some sophisticated limited edition packaging that gained a way into my heart. I would love to add all of it into my make-up collection but I decided to focus on a few products, and the "Deluxe Lip & Eye Palette", the "Scotch On the Rock-Lip Color" in "Bordeaux" and "Sultry Red" and the "Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio" are my picks.

    Kate Rowland Illustration And Jewellery Design : If you are a fan of cute jewellery and TV shows like "Arrested Development", "Game Of Thrones", "Parks And Recreation","Twin Peaks" and "Breaking Bad", Kateslittle store on Etsy is the place that combines both of those loves! From brooches to earrings, you will surely find something adorable and unique to declare your love for Ron Swanson or damn fine coffee and look stylish.


  2. Gather around each and all, it is the time for Halloween to come once more. The nights are longer and the tricks are bigger, but who has time to see who's hiding behind the Holiday Killer? Heroes and villains dance in the dark, chasing and marking Gotham's future and past; the Halloween is long but will Batman get through it at all?
    If you are looking for spooks and being pretty, grab "Batman: The Long Halloween" and read on for Talia's beauty secret.

     As we draw closer to the end of October and the end of the creepiest period of the year, Halloween, my mood changes from time to time but celebrations tend to cheer up Gotham and the Wayne Manor; Alfred is more than happy to decorate the house with pumpkins and cobwebs and even though me, Bruce and Damian have made a routine out of dressing up as our alter egos too often, Halloween is a chance to try something different.
    And by trying something different, let me tell you a little bit about this week's sample. "Artemis-Soothing and Hydrating Face and Eye Emulsion" by Fresh Line is in for "Sampling Monday" and let's get the details about it. This is a light and hydrating emulsion, specially formulated for sensitive skin. This emulsion is enriched with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing botanical ingredients to satisfy every need of sensitive skin types and fully hydrate the skin,while soothing irritations and redness. With the weather getting colder, my skin has shifted into an "I don't know what exactly I want" phase and I want to see how this emulsion treats it; also it is a win win thing that it can also be used for eyes. And last but not least, Fresh Line is a cosmetics company that uses natural ingredients and no chemicals for its wide range of products, from solid shampoos to intensive face treatments. Going natural is always good so let's try and see!

    P.S. Hope you have a great week y'all! What are your plans for Halloween this year?

  3. Reading and Wearing Make-Up #4

    Thursday, October 23, 2014

    I am a big fan of grand story arches in comic books that blur the lines between the comic mythos and history. Art influences life and life influences art and when you read or see something that walk in such fine themes, you better prepare for an amazing experience.
    And reading always has hidden surprises of art and life, waiting to be uncovered.

    "1602" by Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert is a wondrous comics journey in England during the Elizabethan era, an era that finds the Empire stricken by unusual storms and rumours spreading about powerful, inhuman beings walking the land. Heroes like Nick Fury, Dr. Strange, the X-Men, Spider-Man and others, go back into dark and strange times to save the universe once more, from a sinister and intricate plot to destroy everything. Neil Gaiman is a writer of novels, comic books, films,but most people know him from his amazing work on DC Comics "Sandman"; but on "1602", Gaiman takes on the Marvel universe and his unique perspective and storytelling create a whirling and different adventure. Andy Kubert, the artist responsible for the illustration of this story, comes from a family with history in comics illustration and is well known for his work in DC Comics and Marvel Comics and he has taken on drawing Batman and Damian many times; I have a soft spot for his art and I am not hiding it. This is an epic story, that grows more and more interesting with every page you turn and the artwork couldn't be greater than this.

    And to look fabulous while reading "1602" I chose to wear the Dior Addict "Fluid Stick" in 995 Intrigue, which a deep purple lipstick but with a twist. The "Fluid Stick" is lipstick, that comes with a brush to give flawless application with a single sweep and the formula combines the high-impact colour of a classic lipstick with the shine of a gloss. It is not as long wearing as I thought, but a re-application between a little break from reading is totally okay.


  4. Here in Gotham, it is already Tuesday and the "Sampling Monday" post is not up yet; somewhere in this vast, wide world and the universes that compose it must still be Monday, right?
    Multiversity is an excuse to put off things, and get to them later. Long live the multiverse!

    This week's "Sampling Monday" features Estee Lauder's "Sumptuous Extreme" mascara in extreme black. I am always excited when I get cosmetics samples, and this mascara is no exception. The "Sumptuous Extreme" mascara creates outrageous volume, lifts and curves to give an audacious, false-lash effect to make eyes look wider, brighter and more seductive. The unique formula of this mascara acts almost like lash extensions, multiplying and growing the look of lashes while at the same time conditioning them. The mascara brush (that bears a slight resemblance to a cone to get to your lashes in the inner part of the eye) has two types of bristles, flexible fibers to carry maximum formula and solid fibers to comb and separate for clump-free definition, to fully vamp your lashes. I can't wait to see how extreme this mascara is!


  5. There are some things a person seems to avoid as best as he/she can. For example, I try to stay away from any kind of heat for my hairstyles; I am not a big fan of blow-outs, I do not see any point in getting a straightener or a curling iron and I have not mastered any form of achieving a great hair with a little help of heat rollers. I have a big love for 50's hairstyles and a big fear that I will destroy my hair with a little heat so, I tend to stick to air drying my hair and doing top knots or other crazy stuff to achieve something of a look. There was a time when I showed up at a secret meeting with Batman and Commissioner Gordon with a turban to securely hide my bizarre pin-curl set.
    Turbans are a hair saviour during the most trying times.  

    So, with that off my chest, I want to introduce you a product that has become essential for me and my hair. Bumble and Bumble "Grooming Creme" is a styling moisturiser for achieving a casual, effortless hair looks without giving you any extra effort to achieve it. This styling cream can be used on damp or dry hair, and no matter if your hair is dry, oily or normal type, you can build the product according to your needs; it is also good for thick, coarse, afro textures and dry hair. "Grooming Creme" can also be combined with other hair products to add texture and shine.
    Personally, this styling cream has become an essential part of my hair styling routine. Every time I wash my hair, I put a small amount of "Grooming Creme" on my damp hair ends and then style my hair on a top knot (with the help of a hair doughnut) to get a very loose curl in my usual straight hair. I have also tried to do a pin-curl setting with this cream but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because for this type of hair styles, this cream does not give deliver a strong curl result. But with the unfortunate pin-curl set incident put aside, I have to say that I really like the lightweight of the formula, the smell of the product, which is not too heavy to annoy you and people around you, and how smooth and long-lasting the result is. My hair is less frizzy, more shiny and as the days go by, the loose curl result stays the same, with the curls becoming looser but staying fabulous.

    You are now leaving Gotham 
    Whether you are a hair enthusiast, straightening your hair with a blow-dryer, air drying your hair with various techniques or trying to create an effortless, soft and cool hair look with, "Grooming Creme" by Bumble and Bumble is the product that will bring out your dream hair. This is a product ideal for every hair type and for most different styling/hair need you may have; its lightweight formula, allows you to build up the product as you like, without weighing down your hair or making your hair appear greasier and less shiny. Whether you are lazy like me or not, "Grooming Creme" is a styling product that can find a way in your and your hair's heart.

    P.S. I thought I would kick off this week a little different but don't forget to check later for the "Sampling Monday" post!

  6. Mondays seem to arrive faster that we anticipate them too; but maybe the new week will bring some pleasant surprises with it. Splitting time between staying in the Batcave, working on some upgrade on my suit courtesy of Mr Bats, and training with Damian to improve his kicks, my beauty time was reduced almost to zero.
    But all good things come around!

    It feels good to have "Sampling Monday" back and I hope you are too. This Monday's sample is Clinique's "Custom-Repaid Serum", which is a smart serum that understands the particular needs of your skin, providing custom repair for the damage you see and the damage you don't. Depending on our age and other factors, our complexion exhibits different needs and this products targets multiple concerns like diminishing lines and wrinkles, firming and lifting skin,reducing dark spots and evening skin tone and improving radiance and texture. No matter what your skin needs, this clever little serum promises to give you want you need whenever you need it! Let's see if the serum delivers what I need but don't know yet.

    P.S. I wish you all a great week and stay tuned for more posts coming soon!

  7. Things are about to get back to normal

    Thursday, October 9, 2014

    This space of the internet might have been quiet for some time but I hope you have not given up on me. With Fall coming, things in the Wayne Manor and the Batcave have been a bit hectic, preparing for colder weather and all; and let's not forget to mention Damian's new school year kicked off and me and Bruce are a little busier if something like that could happen.

    So, this Monday I hope we will be running back to normal, talking about beauty and all things cosmetics and all! There are a few products I am dying to talk to you about and I think you are going to like them. But tell me, how have you been doing all this time? How is the transition to autumn working for you?


  8. Review: Benefit Cosmetics "Brow Zings"

    Tuesday, September 9, 2014

    There are times that even if I am too bored or too tired to apply full make-up, there is one thing that I will still do, whether it's just lipstick, mascara or just filling in my brows. When time is of essence, like trying to make it on time to save Commissioner Gordon from falling into the hands of El Sombrero, getting to do one thing is all you can do.
    So, I may not be all ready and fabulous, but I get to do one thing each time.

    So, a product that I love using even when I am not prepared but with SPF, to face the world outside is Benefit Cosmetics "Brow Zings". I wasn't really big in filling in my brows with any products because my brows are already a bit thick (thanks to years of not plucking them) and I thought that this was a luxury that wasn't for me. But after a brow waxing session at the local Benefit beauty counter, in order to get arched 40's-50's eyebrows that I fell in love with after watching too many noir films, I was given a try at "Brow Zings" and was left awestruck. My newly shaped eyebrows resembled the strong eyebrows that vintage starlets sported and the filling in really accentuated the arch; I immediately decided to buy the brow kit and take care of my eyebrows. "Brow Zings" is a brow kit that comes in three shades to match your skin and hair tone, and contains a pigmented wax for shaping, a natural-shaded powder for setting, a hard angle brush, a blending brush and a small tweezers to take care of those stray eyebrow hair while on the run. To start to fill in the eyebrows, you begin with dipping the hard angle brush in the wax and with small strokes, start to define and shape your brows; when you are done with that, you take the blending brush and apply the setting powder, to fill in any areas that are sparse and make the brows look fuller and more even.
    What I personally like in this brow kit is that both the wax and setting powder are pigmented enough so it takes little to quantity of product to get the full, strong eyebrow look you want. I got the "medium" shade and it matches good my hair colour and complexion without making my eyebrows seem too unnatural; for a more "natural" look, I like to take a small round brush like a mascara wand, to brush my eyebrows and dispense the extra colour and give the illusion of naturally thick brows. The tweezers included in this kit are not good for me, being too small and me being not comfortable with the grip of it, and I would suggest an improvement in it or not including at all. 
    Also, a major problem that might keep me from buying "Brow Zings" again, even though I love it, is the fact that among the ingredients of it are parabens; in the past, I didn't bother looking into products ingredients but lately I am trying to be on the lookout for products with parabens and it hurt me when I saw that "Brow Zings" have them too. Here's to hoping that this product gets released in the future without the addition of parabens!

    You are now leaving Gotham
    Whether you are experiencing the "Cara Delevigne" effect of full and strong brows or you are looking to achieve the perfect arched brow, a big change in the eyebrow game is filling them in! "Brown Zings" by Benefit Cosmetics is an amazing brow kit that contains pigmented wax and setting powder to help you define, shape, fill in sparse areas and lock brows in place, and small tweezers to take remove any stray hair; you can use the wax or powder on their own or combined to achieve best results or more "natural" looking. It's all up to you!


  9. I always feel like autumn's period for a new start and there are many things to get excited and looking forward to. With Alfred's flawless cooking and care of pretty much everything, I have all the time to relax and share some links with you!

    Beer Brownies : Every time is chocolate time but who knew that chocolate could work so well with beer? Here's a recipe combining the mighty power of chocolate brownies with that of dark beer! Chocolate sensation granted!

    MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show : MAC Cosmetics never stops pleasing us beauty lovers with its limited edition collaborations. This time, MAC will release an ultra cool and superb collection inspired by the cult favourite film of all "Rocky Horror Picture Show". The lipsticks, nail polishes, blushes and all look amazing and make us shiver with "antici...pation!" vibes.

    Collectif Clothing Autumn Clothing Range : Collectif Clothing is an independent 1940's and 1950's inspired vintage reproduction brand with a wide variety of clothing that will charm every vintage lover. Their autumn polka dot dresses and skirts are a personal favourite right now.

    Lobster Johnson Volume 4: Get The Lobster TPB : Lobster Johnson, another exceptional character from the Mignolaverse, is a masked vigilante fighting against spies, gangsters and other enemies that fall under the big category of "bizarre and powerful foes". In the latest volume of Lobster Johnson's adventures "Get The Lobster", we learn more about his secret history and origin while he becomes public enemy number one. How will he set the record straight and fight two crazed and invincible wrestlers?


  10. Happy Monday to y'all! It has been a week since the last post and I have to say that my mind is finding difficult to getting down and writing my reviews and all. I could blame Bruce for taking me away from the internet but my procrastinating self is the one to blame for. But here's the verdict of the last three "Sampling Monday" posts.
    Oh procrastination, why thou have not evolved into something more creative?

    Vichy "Purete Thermale 3-In-1 One Step Cleanser" : I love products that are multifunctional and I fell head over heels with how good this cleanser is. This cleansing milk is gentle but do not mistake it for a cleanser that does get the job done; with a little amount in a cotton pad, you can take off your face and eye make-up and your skin will feel soft and not dry. I think that depending your skin, this cleanser might not require you to apply your regular moisturiser at once and not giving that "tight skin" feeling that other cleanser give.

    (Malin + Goetz) "Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer" : Moisturisers are a big part of my routine and I liked this one, without going completely gaga over it. The bergamot scent is what strikes my fancy the most and the quick absorption is great when you are out of the shower and ready to go out. I didn't witness any dramatic soothing results on me but to be honest, I didn't really have a problem with my skin.

    Kiehl's "Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream" : As you might have already noticed from my posts, I always talk about my big pores problem. And with this sample being not only a wrinkle reducing cream but also a pores treating cream I expected to see some change; my wrinkles are not so bad at the moment, so there was no effect there, and my pores didn't see any benefit too. Overall I liked the texture of the cream, not too heavy, but I didn't see any change.

    P.S. I think things will go back to normal as of this week and new posts will be uploaded soon! Hope you are not mad about the lack of update. xx


  11. Sorry for another belated "Sampling Monday" post! Autumn has officially arrived but the laziness that accompanied summer is not completely gone. Long naps in the afternoon and even longer night sessions of "hide and seek" in the alleys of Gotham pursuing Clayface, are among the activities that keep my personal routine nice and joyous.
    A routine can be a good thing if you are feeling lazy enough to stick with it.

    This "Sampling Monday" features Kiehl's "Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream", a cream that is designed to significantly reduce wrinkles, smooth skin texture and minimize pores. I was given this sample, even though my wrinkles are minimum, as a way to reduce the possibility of wrinkles appearing soon. The powerful combination of micronutrients, Copper PCA and Calcium PCA in this cream, have shown an improvement in the skin's elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles; other skin problems, like big pores, are also treated from this formula. Since I am a person with a big pores problem, this sample might do the trick; and let's not hush the fact of some precaution against wrinkles. Will this do the trick?


  12. Happy Labor Day!

    Monday, September 1, 2014

    It's gonna be September and here it is! Let's see autumn goes and let's relax for today is Labor day! "Sampling Monday" will be back tomorrow and till then, have have and stay fabulous!


  13. Review: Clinique "Anti-Blemish Solutions"

    Thursday, August 28, 2014

    There are some things that go away for some time and then re-appear for good or worse. Blemishes, dryness, long nails, clean skin. Or like a memory of an old flame of Bruce, Jezebel Jet, coming back to remind to the Wayne and Batman family what it was, what traps it fell for and what it became in the future.
    For good or bad, we learn from our mistakes.

    So, a personal problem that disappears and appears again is blemishes; my face has not entirely got rid of blemishes and every once in a while I get a breakout that is a bummer. I decided to try a new cleanser and purchased the Clinique "Anti-Blemish Solutions", a cleansing foam targeted for acne. This cleanser works immediately to help clear and prevent acne; the foam formula of this cleanser is gentle for the complexion but at the same time removes the dirt and excess oil. The usual culprit behind acne is excess oil but it is hard to spot a cleanser that does the job and does not leave the skin dry and dull; this gentle cleansing foam cleans off the extra oil the complexion has and unclogs pores making more and more blackheads disappear with each application.
    I wanted to buy a cleanser that would not be too harsh on my skin and I was suggested a foam formula cleanser due to their benefit of not drying the skin and the easy application; after some time of using the "Anti- Blemish Solutions", my skin has witnessed a big reduction in blemishes and I love how fresh I feel after application. The scent of the cleanser reminds me a little bit of tea tree oil but overall I love how it brings to my mind the "clean" sense. The "Anti-Blemish Solutions" cleansing foam was a big change compared to the usual cleansers I used and I am happy to say that it did something for my problematic blemish situation.

    You are now leaving Gotham
    Acne is a trouble that everyone has faced once or a couple of times in their lives but a really good cleanser is a big help in dealing with this problem. Clinique's "Anti-Blemish Solutions" is a foam cleanser, which is a great solution for gently cleaning the skin, removing dirt and excess oil and unclogging the pores; its foam formula does not leave the skin dry but fresh, clean and ready for the moisturiser!

  14. This is the summer's last Sampling Monday; summer flew by pretty quickly for me and to be honest, I am ready for autumn to come. You might have realised from past posts that cooler weather is better for me and I can't wait for temperatures to drop. There is something more comforting in leaves and rain falling, like some kind of a new cleansing start; it's like everyone in Gotham is getting ready to start anew and take control.
    Too bad Batman is prepared for that.

    This week's "Sampling Monday" pick is the (Malin + Goetz) "Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer". (Malin + Goetz) is a family-owned and operated apothecary in New York's Chelsea neighbourhood known for its natural based treatments, which incorporate gentle technologies for ultimate performance. The "Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer" is an intensive and nourishing cream that is both oil-free and residue-free; the treatment synthesizes natural vitamin b5 and soothing bergamot extract with absorbent fatty acids for instant performance and results. This moisturiser is ideal for all skin types, naturally hydrates without feeling greasy and its natural fragrance is quite good. Let's see how it works!

    P.S. What do you think about autumn arriving? Are you feeling excited or nostalgic about the summer good times?

  15. Sunday nights are usually the last chance to relax and scout the internet for something new or something to get excited about. With Bruce taking the time to update his costume and Damian getting some medical training from Alfred, I rounded up some links to share with you!

    Multiversity Easter Eggs Revealed : With Grant Morrison's "Multiversity" getting released this past week, watch this video to learn more about the secrets hidden in this mega epic story and learn something more about it!

    Pragal Gurung MAC Collection  : MAC's make-up collaboration with Prabal Gurung is the next big news in beauty and the first photo of the products is out! Luxurious and decadent, this collection seems like the golden ticket.

    Olympia Le-Tan "I Put A Spell On You" F/W 2014 Ready To Wear : With autumn arriving soon, another look at Olympia Le-Tan's F/W collection will charm you set you in a magical fashion mood.

    All The Wrong Questions Fan Art Competition : If you are familiar with "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" and Lemony Snicket's unique writing, then you are no stranger to his latest book series "All The Wrong Questions". For the third book of the series, "All The Wrong Questions: Shouldn't You Be In School?" arriving on bookshelves around 9.30.2014, there is a fan art competition on the book series facebook page and you can submit your art to claim a prize! If you are taking part, wish you the best of luck!


  16. And we are back! After a full week of getting some holiday time and a chance to re-visit the old Man-Bat serum I used some time ago to fight my beloved, it is time to get back on some beauty territory!
    Brace yourself for some lip balm excitement!

    As you have read in an earlier post about getting to know Black Widow Balm, I had ordered "Outsiders 3-Piece Sample Pack feat. Spell, Frida and Iron Maiden Color Balms" from the Black Widow Balm Etsy shop and I couldn't be any happier with these lip balms! 
    The "Outsiders 3-Piece Sample Pack feat. Spell, Frida and Iron Maiden Color Balms", contains 3 lip balms, Frida, which is a green forest colour balm, Spell, a deep lavender colour balm, and Iron Maiden, an iron gray lip colour balm; as an extra, I also received Calavera '12, a hot pink colour balm. All lip balms have a unique scent, corresponding to their "theme"; Frida has a distinct aroma from a blend of lavender, clove and pine oils, Spell gets its pleasing scent from a mix of lavender, black pepper and vanilla oils, Iron Maiden features a blend of basil, clove and pine oils and Calavera '12 has an aroma from a blend of raspberry, peppermint and nutmeg oils. So, when applying these balms, you also get an extra kick from the unique smell they have. 

  17. Summer's the season to simplify things; whether you are trying to save some space in your suitcase or you are feeling a little lazy to do the face massage you are doing when applying your night cream, summer calls for a simplicity in all ways. Even villains in Gotham, and especially The Penguin seems to be conducting simpler and less imaginative attacks on the city's banks.
    Summer really brings out something different in everyone of us.

    And summer's simplicity has also invaded the way I was removing my make-up because I was looking for a product that would work as a make-up and eye make-up remover to save time and effort. Enter a Vichy  "Purete Thermale 3-In-1 One Step Cleanser" sample that I took home and was impressed to find a product that is actually three products in one! The "Purete Thermale 3-In-1 One Step Cleanser" is a cleansing milk ideal for sensitive skin that works as a cleanser, toner and eye make-up remover; combining the properties of milk, lotion and eye make-up remover, this gentle formula cleanser offers a fast and east cleansing to the skin and eye area and taking care not to irritate your complexion. This is going to be pretty useful for a vacation and a late night when removing the make-up seems a drag; so in those cases, you apply the cleanser, using a cotton pad, to face and eyes (no need to rinse off the cleanser) and you are ready for the moisturiser! I am looking forward to seeing how this cleanser succeeds in delivering clean face and eyes!

    P.S. This is another late "Sampling Monday" but things are hectic here due to vacation preparations! Hope you have a great week and stay tuned for more!


  18. The weekend's here and it's high time for a much needed cup of coffee and some catching up with what's going on online! Here's this Saturday's favourite links selection to keep you (and me) distracted from the next week that's almost here.

    Space Aliens of New York : Forget about Humans of New York and embrace the concept that showcases the stories behind the aliens that inhabit New York.

    What Katie Did Sale : If you are looking for some retail lingerie therapy, What Katie Did, the brand that specialises in recreating lingerie that channels silver screen glamour of the '40s and '50, has begun its sale season! Cone bras, corsets and stockings are on sale now and  grab something before it's gone!

    You Asked "How Can I Feel Pulled-Together While Working From Home?" : xoVain is one of my most favourite beauty sites and Alle's articles in the site are always a must read! In this great article, Alle dishes on advice and how you can work from home and still use make-up.

    Exclusive preview: Brubaker, Phillips, and Breitweiser tackle post-WWII Hollywood in The Fade Out #1 : The wait is almost over for "The Fade Out" to be released and here is a preview and interview with writer Ed Brubaker, artist Sean Phillips and colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser to learn more about this dark, noir tale and how they worked to create and re-visit an era dear to us all.

    P.S. Have a great weekend and an even greater week coming up!


  19. There have been times in my life that I have used the word "enough". "There is not enough time for us to save Gotham City", "There are not enough assassins to take down Batman", "There is not enough bread for me to prepare Damian's snack, Alfred"  and many many other lines in which the word "enough" was trying to outline how on the edge things are.
    Enough is enough; how many times has a human have to use this phrase in a lifetime?

    But let's be clear on one thing; a girl cannot have enough lipsticks and stumbling upon Lipstick Queen, I think I have found a lipstick fantasy come true. Lipstick Queen is a cruelty-free lipstick brand created by Poppy King, who in her pursuit to find the perfect lipstick decided to take things into her hands and create it herself. Lipstick Queen offers many different lipsticks, like the classic, luxurious and pigmented-rich "Velvet Rope" line or the perfect-for-the-summer "Endless Summer" lipsticks that protect your lips from the sun and keep them hydrated and bright. For my first Lipstick Queen purchase, I chose to buy a lipstick from the "Butterfly Ball" line; the lipsticks from this line are sheer as a butterfly wing with a beautiful hint of shimmer and iridescence when they catch the light. The formula of the lipstick is soft and moisturising to keep your lips hydrated and the blue pearls contained in each shade flatter your lips and make your teeth appear whiter.
    I selected the "Moment" shade, which is a shimmering red that flatters my natural lip colour, since it is kind of similar to that colour, and makes my lips look effortlessly posh; I think that my teeth appeared a tiny bit whiter, but I might have been the only one taking note if it. The aloe vera, vitamin E, C and B really take hydration a bit further and keep your lips conditioned and moisturised at all times. The only drawback that I could say for this lipstick, if I had to say one, would be that because this is a sheer formula, you might need to re-apply it often. But this is such an easy lipstick to use that you do not need a lip pencil or even a mirror to apply; just go straight from the bullet and the job is done! Let's not forget to say that this lipstick can be used on its own or on top of another lip colour to enhance it or add a totally different finish to it; so the customization game is on! Last but not least, the packaging is so cool and avant-garde, if I may say, that it will catch people's attention and your lipstick will be the talk of the present company!


    You are now leaving Gotham
    Lipstick Queen "Butterly Ball" lipsticks are sheer, ultra moisturising lipsticks that will give you a iridescent, shimmery lip colour that even butterflies would be jealous for! There are seven different shades, each one packed with ingredients that will condition your lips and give you a finish that will make your teeth to appear whiter, whether they used on their own or as a topcoat to give a shimmery finish to another lipstick.

  20. Little or big surprises are always a thing that can put a smile on one's face. Of course there can be bad and good surprises but for the current post, let's focus on good surprises or at least surprises that we intercept as good. Because to be honest, last time Catwoman had Batman all tied up and everything seemed to be in place for her to unravel her scheme, I thought it was a good surprise for Batman to find out that I got his back and neutralised her in time.
    Or I think that was a good surprise for him.

    While searching for my next moisturiser, I was more keen to try something new and I had my eye on the "Ibuki Refining Moisturizer" from Shiseido to buy. When I was told that with this moisturiser I also got a special sized cleanser and concentrate from the same line, I knew I had found my new moisturiser. So, I went home with the "Ibuki Refining Moisturizer" along with the "Gentle Cleanser" and the "Soothing Concentrate" from the Ibuki line. For starters, let me share my thoughts on the moisturiser; I generally love products that come with a pump, and this moisturiser comes with a pump which helps me to get the exact quantity of product I need and avoid getting germs in it (as might happen with moisturisers that come in jars and are best applied when you take out the product with a little spatula/spoon). The formula of the moisturiser is not too thick and not too light, making it easy for it to be absorbed but still maintain the air of a rich cream; I do not find it to be good or bad as a base for liquid foundation but I interpret as good, a huge advantage, that it is absorbed quickly and you can go on with the make-up application. 
    The moisturiser's description claims that it intensively corrects the appearance of unevenness such as visible pores, breakouts/ blemish marks and renews the skin’s surface, revealing an incredibly smooth, uniform texture, while keeping skin hydrated all day long. From my personal experience, I have to say that my redness is not as bad as it used to be and my breakouts are less, leaving my skin smoother and looking more uniformed; but I have seen no change in my pores, they are still as visible as before, and the hydration does not stay all day long.
    Now, for the special sized cleanser and concentrate, I was quite pleased with the cleanser because it is as gentle as it gets and with a little amount of it, you have a nice foam to work on the face and the neck; now for the concentrate, I liked how soft it left my skin and primed it for the moisturiser plus the scent of it is amazing!

    You are now leaving Gotham
    Shiseido's "Ibuki Refining Moisturiser" is a moisturiser that works great if you are looking for a rich, not too heavy, formula that hydrates, softens the skin and corrects some imperfections your complexion might have; for a hydrating base before applying the foundation, it is quickly absorbed giving you no hard time at all. As for the "Ibuki Gentle Cleanser" and the "Ibuki Softening Concentrate", these two are a good addition to your skincare routine and, I think, will benefit any skincare products that you use.


  21. Welcome to a new series of posts! In these posts called "A little bit of this and a little bat of that", I will be posting a few links that caught my attention and I find worth sharing with you readers! So be on the lookout for links beauty, fashion, comics and anything related to spend some time and keep on scrolling!

    The Myriad Monikers of Gotham's Villains 2.0 : This pulp-inspired design chart featuring all Gotham's villains would make a great addition to the desk room and help me keep track of the never ending list of villains coming after us.

    Caramel strawberry, brie, butter/sugar toasts : A nice and original recipe that re-introduces the idea we had of the good ol' toast into a delicious, mouth watering dessert that calls you to get in the kitchen and prepare it!

    Isa Arfen Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection : After seeing this lovely photo on the Charlotte Olympia instagram, I fell in love with the dress (and the hair obviously) and checked out Isa Arfen's collection for Autumn/Winter 2014. I love everything dogtooth patterned and the whole collection is a winner!

    3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS Nail Collection : The 3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS nail collection is out and is looking hot! The nail polishes are limited and apart from them there is a fancy cosmetics pochette available ideal for travels and weekends out of the city.

    And let's close this first post of favourite links with a little song to relax. Till next time!


  22. There comes a time in a comic book series that something terrible happens. We have all read about Batman getting crippled by Bane in "Batman: Knightfall" story and it never really gets any easier; a hero's fall is not an easy story to read about but even heroes once in a while have hard and dark times to face.
    Because every hero and human fall into the dark and emerges in the light again.

    So, it is kind of a shock for us readers to witness Archie Andrew's death in "Life With Archie" issue 36. Archie Andrews is the fun, loving and funny protagonist of Archie Comics that we all have read or watched or stumbled upon at least once; Archie with his best friend Jughead and his sweethearts who always give him a hard time to choose one Betty and Veronica, have had many adventures throughout the 72 years of the existence of the comic book. Endless funny stories with Riverdale's high school  principal Mr. Weatherbee, pranks and fights with Reggie Mantle and many love misunderstandings with Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge and other ladies that caught Archie's eye are a few examples of the colourful stories that make the Archie Comics. But each story must come to an end, though this time is a more dramatic. In issue 36 of "Life With Archie" we read the story of Riverdale's best known and loved redhead as he sacrifices himself to save a friend from perish; we follow Archie through the events that lead to the unfortunate event and witness the end(?) of a legend.

    With this comic book to read and the heart aching conclusion I had to face, I wore my favourite mascara and kept on reading to the end. "They're real!" by Benefit Cosmetics is the only mascara that stays on at all times, lengthens and separates the eye-lashes, and didn't smudge while I shed a tear of two while reading; this mascara proved itself a saviour in hard reading times.

    P.S. To paraphrase a well known Bauhaus lyric from "Bela Lugosi's Dead" let's honour Archie Andrews memory by exclaiming "Archie Andrew's dead, undead undead undead!"

  23. And it's the first Monday of August! Phew, we made it to August and I can say that a step closer to Autumn, sounds like heaven right now. Don't get me wrong, summer near the beach is amazing but summer in the city is okay as long as the cooling system is working in the Wayne mansion; and going after Deathstroke in the middle of the night while trying to stay alive, is not so bad with a little wind blowing.
    So, while dreaming of cooler weather let's talk about Sampling Monday results!

    Kiehl's "Midnight Recovery Concentrate" : After reading so much about this online I was sceptical about how it would work for me; fortunately my doubts were shattered! First of all, the smell of the "Midnight Recovery Concentrate" kind of reminds me of thermal water, which I like. Secondly, I applied this before my moisturiser at night and my skin really looked more healthy, fresh and even my redness was reduced. In other pros, you do not need to apply a big amount of it, a little goes a long way, and you will definitely see a change for the better.

    Maria Galland "Intensive Hydrating Creme 96" : I am a sucker for moisturisers but this one stole my heart. This is a rich, full hydrating moisturiser, ideal for dry and mixed skin-though for people with oily skin it might seem a tiny bit heavy-and great for all seasons. I quite liked how it smelled and I think that after applying it a few times, my dryness improved. Honestly, I would love this to be my next moisturiser.

    Avene "Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+" : I am surprised at how light and easily absorbed this sunscreen is! Even though this is a thick formula, again a small amount of the product will do the job and can be used as a base for your make-up. The sunscreen is white so you need to be careful not to leave any white spots and blend it well.

    This round of samples was a good one and I will definitely consider buying some full sized products from this instalment!

    P.S. Let's hear it for Monday and hope it goes great! Also, are you excited for the autumn arriving slowly?


  24. Getting to know: "Black Widow Balm"

    Thursday, July 31, 2014

    Surfing online is a favourite activity that often turns up little diamonds. After spending a serious amount of time trying to solve Cluemaster's latest scheme, which was a virus that attacked the computer and the network Batman has established, it was time for me to relax with a cup of coffee and do some beauty research with the computer working.
    Because online shopping is really important.

    But online shopping is not only an easy process but also a chance to find products you wouldn't be able to find near you. So in one of those moments when you are looking for something but you are not sure what, I stumbled upon and Etsy shop that I found amazing! Black Widow Balm is a maker of imaginative cosmetics from Pearland Texas and her Etsy shop is a space filled with one-of-a-kind lip balms and glosses. Shareta, the owner and maker behind Black Widow Balm, launched her Etsy shop in May 2012 after her wish to make a deeply tinted balm which would be good for the lips and work as a lipstick too. Using only natural ingredients and creating everything from the packaging to the scent of the balms, Shareta has established a shop that offers unique lip balms in colours like rosewood, forest green or charcoal, black tinted lip glosses with ultra fine gold or iridescent glitter and an orange mint sugar scrub.

    Each product from Black Widow Balm is a dream come true and with every purchase, 10% of it goes to a a selected non-profit organization that works with communities to bring about happier, healthier lives to people and animals. I purchased an "Outsiders 3-Piece Sample Pack feat, Spell, Frida and Iron Maiden Colour Balms" and I can't wait to receive it! 

    I was curious to learn more about Black Widow Balm and contacted Shareta to ask her for a little interview about her and her products! Keep on reading to find out more about the amazing Black Widow Balm!


  25. Summertime is time to get as colourful as you can/want! I find it that summer is the season to try trends that you wouldn't try any other time and actually like them! I am a conservative make-up fan and I tend to cling on classic products and shades, not risking to go out of my comfort zone; but in life I am also conservative but thanks to Mr Bats I took a huge leap faith and turned my life upside down but I got to keep my assassin identity.
    Sometimes you need someone to help you risk a bit further.

    Something that helped me get out of my comfort zone was once again MAC Cosmetics. The new nail collection "Nail Transformation" features 3 studio nail lacquers and 4 different products that transform the nail colour you have already applied into something different; there is a shadow topcoat that gives any studio nail lacquer shade a smoky glow, a texturizer topcoat that adds a leather effect, a highlighter that illuminates nail colour with sheer, pearlescent shades of blue and a liquid pigment topcoat that highlights and illuminates nail colour with three different sheer, pearlescent shades in pink, green or gold. Every product in this collection is eye-catching but the products that I decided to take with me home were the "Highlighter" and the "Liquid Pigments" in Pink and Green Pearl. 
    The Highlighter is a sheer, pearlescent blue topcoat that can be applied on top of any nail polish you have applied on your nails; the result is an illuminated blue shade coming from within, giving a whole different finish than what your nail polish looked without the topcoat. I found that two coats of this topcoat work best, but you can apply more if you want the result to be vibrant.
    The "Liquid Pigments" in Pink and Green Pearl are very much like the "Highlighter"; they are sheer, pearlescent topcoats but offer an illuminated shade of pink and green accordingly. They give the glow from within effect and work well with every nail polish.
    Even though most of my nail polishes are matte, I went on to try most of them with every topcoat. I paired H&M nail polish "Popsicle Purple" with the "Highlighter", and the pearlescent blue shades matched exceptionally the light purple colour.Next, I applied the "Highlighter" and the "Liquid Pigment-Pink Pearl" on top of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish "260-So Much Fawn" and the result is a beautiful dark salmon pink colour with blue and pink pearlscent shades that also appear purple at times. For my last nail polish and topcoat experiment, I paired China Glaze nail lacquer "616-Inner Beauty" with the "Liquid Pigment-Green Pearl" and the result was a neutral beige with green pearlscent stealing the spotlight!
    Overall, I think these topcoats are a great investment if you want to give a twist to your nail polish collection and the combinations you can create with are many and fun! Another benefit is that these topcoats speed up the time for the nail polish to dry and seal in the colour. 

    From left to right: "Highlighter", "Liquid Pigment-Pink Pearl", "Liquid Pigment-Green Pearl"

    From left to right: H&M "Popsicle Purple" nail polish with the "Highligher", Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "260-So Much Fawn" with the "Highlighter" and the "Liquid Pigment-Pink Pearl", China Glaze nail lacquer "616-Inner Beauty" with the "Liquid Pigment- Green Pearl".

    You are now leaving Gotham
    If you are looking for new ways to incorporate some colour to your life, the "Highlighter" and "Liquid Pigments" in Pink and Green Pearl will bring your nail polish collection a big transformation! Each topcoat offers a different effect, with pearlscent shades of blue, pink and green that can be used on their own or combined with each other; the topcoat colour games is on and you can do whatever you like! The formula is buildable, but two coats of each product will surely give you a finish that is unique and that helps to dry the nail base colour faster. Feel adventurous? Try these topcoats then!

  26. Happy National Lipstick Day to all! If diamonds are a girl's best friend, I think we can say that lipstick is a girl's soulmate! Lipsticks can really change a make-up routine and with so many options out there, every lipstick is a reason to fall in love with it! Matte finishes, hydrating and long lasting formulas, red shades that give a girl a vintage look, there is at least one lipstick for you!

    So, why don't we take a walk down memory lane and re-visit all our lipstick posts? Click below to read more and get prepared for what the lipstick future holds in Talia's blog/universe!


    P.S. Which is your favourite lipstick? How are you planning to celebrate National Lipstick Day? Splurging for some new lipsticks or wearing a classic lipstick? No matter what, you rock that lipstick!

  27. That was a short July. I do not know about you but I have not fully realised how quickly July went by and we are getting ready to dive into the last month of the summer, August! The only person in the Wayne Family who got to relax some extra time was Damian; no school but plenty of quality and training time with mom and dad because we need to make sure he is safe.
    Because safety comes first.

    It's gonna be August, and protection from the sun is still a prime concern. So, I decided to alter my sunscreen routine and try Avene "Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+". Avene is known for its wide skincare products centred around Avène Thermal spring water and, which are suitable for sensitive skin. The "Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+" offers a high protection from the sun and covers a very broad spectrum of UV protection (against UVB and UVA rays). Among its ingredients, Pre-tocopheryl protects the skin cells from free radicals, and Glyceryl Laurate helps to regulate the excess oil and give the skin an instant matte finish. Let's see how good this is!

    P.S. How is your summer going? Getting ready to go on vacation on August or have you had your share of beach time?

  28. Reading and Wearing Make-Up #2

    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    So, some of your reading this might be in the San Diego Comic-Con and having the time of your lives! Hurrah for you and have some fun for me too! But I am here, in the Wayne Manor, chilling and having a last minute pedicure before heading to the Batcave; and while the polish is drying, here's the second installment of "Reading and Wearing Make-Up"!
    Who's excited to read about beauty before hitting the comic booths?

    A personal favourite and new comic series is Dark Horse Comics "Dream Thief"; in the first 5-issue story arc of the series, we meet John Lincoln, who after stealing an Aboriginal mask from a museum, gets possessed by vengeful spirits while asleep; the spirits that possess John's body and mind, pass to John their memories and unique skills in order to extract their revenge. At the end of the first volume of "Dream Thief", John comes face to face with another man who possesses the same "gift" as him and a big secret about John's past is revealed. This summer, the new Dream Thief story "Dream Thief: Escape", takes us back to Lincoln's nocturnal adventures and his search into what really is that makes him unique and what lurks in his past for his to uncover. What surprises will Lincoln face in his endeavour to stay awake and not surrender himself to sleep?

    Since Dream Thief is wearing a badass Aboriginal mask when executing his supernatural duties, I thought that a beauty mask would work with the mask theme. So, I put on Sephora's "Rose mask- moisturising & brightening", which is a natural fiber mask mask with rose extract to moisturise skin for a radiant appearance, and did my best vigilante impression; my skin loved it! 

     P.S. Are you a fan of masks? Clay masks, yoghurt masks, fiber masks? Also, will you be going to San Diego?


  29. Another week is kicking off and what better way to start than trying something new! The heat is rising over here and this heatwave does not seem to slowdown Victor Zsasz's hunting/killing spree; if I had a call in which villain runs free in the streets of Gotham right now, I would definitely suggest Mr. Freeze for the weather.
    Maybe, the heat is finally getting to my brains.

    High temperatures can fool one's senses but I will never go crazy over the value of a moisturiser. My latest moisturiser crush is Maria Galland "Intensive Hydrating Cream 96" and I got a sample after bumping into the beautician of the brand in the store and recommending I try this cream because my skin looked kind of dry. The "Intensive Hydrating Cream 96" contains vitamin A, vitamin E to regenerate cells and UV filter to protect the skin against external factors and premature ageing; its rich and cool texture is rapidly absorbed and gives your complexion a fresh look, smoothing lines caused by dryness. I completely fell head over heels with this moisturiser and I can't wait to see how it treats my dryness in the summer craze.

    P.S. How are you handling the high temperatures? A nice bath in the beach or curled up at home with the A/C blasting?


  30. Review: Max Factor "Lipfinity"

    Friday, July 18, 2014

    Sometimes you need something to accompany you 24 hours and not worry about it leaving or staining or whatever. It's no easy task running around and keeping in mind to check your lipstick and see how it goes. Take Lois Lane for example; she works hard to catch the news, write articles and be Clark Kent's girl and Superman's sweetheart while trying to stay out of trouble's way.
    So, a good staying product is the one that might keep that mirror in the cosmetics case.

    So, if you are interested in finding a lipstick that stays with you more than you ever though of possible, Max Factor "Lipfinity" is what will do the job. This is a formula that stays on for 24 hours but it is not the usual lipstick that you apply from the bullet and go; "Lipfinity" comes with two products, one gloss that contains the colour and one balm to keep your lips hydrated and give a luscious shine. Now the secret for the application is to first apply the colour to your lips, wait for one minute to dry while keeping your lips parted and then apply the balm; once you have completed these steps, you are ready to go! The colour will stay on for much time and whenever you feel your lips dry or want to refresh them, you can apply the balm and ensure the colour lasts longer. I have a weakness for corals so I chose to try the "Ever More Radiant" shade, which is coral orange-y and perfect for the summer. Personally, I put this formula to hard tests and it kind of passed; though most of the colour faded away after eating, drinking and eating again, it delivered better than I expected it.

     You are now leaving Gotham
    Max Factor "Lipfinity" is a revolutionary product that is great for the lip fan in every gal. With two products, one to give the colour and one to moisturise the lips, this lip colour will give you a long lasting result and shades that will impress you and the people around you.

    P.S. TGIF! Happy weekend to all! Do you like long lasting products or do you prefer to control your make-up and re-apply when it's needed?

  31. We are not gone!

    Tuesday, July 15, 2014

    Hey you! Sorry for the lack of posts and updates but the Wayne family was on vacation for a week. Things will be back to normal and I hope you had a great time too! Here's a sneak peek photo of the products we will be sampling and reviewing in the nest posts. Stay tuned!


  32. The weekend is long gone and it is time to see what this new week has in store! Today we were on a family trip to catch up with an old friend over in Middletown; you may have heard of a great detective from there, John Jones solving mysteries and helping people in demise, or you may have heard of a the Martian Manhunter, an extraterrestrial superhero and  member of the Justice League. The Wayne Family never misses a chance to take a trip.
    Who doesn't like some time away from home?

    So, for an excursion away from home, I have decided to try Kiehl's "Midnight Recovery Concentrate" and see how it goes. "Midnight Recovery Concentrate" is a replenishing nighttime facial oil with distilled botanicals that visibly restores the appearance of skin by morning. This is an oil that should be used in the night, after your cleansing routine and substituting your moisturiser; this product works with the skin's natural nocturnal activity, when skin is most receptive to repairing itself from daily aggressors, to dramatically restore skin. "Midnight Recovery Concentrate" is a great alternative for the usual cream moisturiser and it helps to regenerate, repair, and replenish skin for a smoother and healthier result. Can't wait to see if I will be of the fanatics swearing by this formula!

    P.S. Sorry for the late post. Wish you all a great week!

  33. It's better late than ever to wish to all American readers happy 4th of July! I hope you all had a fun time and enough time to relax from celebrations. Sundays are usually days that I tend to wake up late in an effort to make up for the late nights spent chasing Killer Croc in the sewers of Gotham City. And you know, sewers are not a place for a girl like me but it pays to think that I have a warm bath waiting for me when I get home.
    A soothing, relaxing bath time never hurt anyone.

    But if stress has taken its toll on you and you need something extra to help you relax, the "Divine Calm Relaxing Massage Oil" by the Body Shop is what you are looking for. This is a massage oil that contains essential oils of lavender and camomile, a combination that will soothe and refresh you after a long day. Lavender and camomile are known to have soothing and relaxing effects and the smell is strong but not too much to be overwhelming. The sweet almond oil is also a beneficial ingredient that softens and moisturises the skin. To apply the massage oil, you warm a few drops in your palms and massage into the body; the oil is kind of thick but a few drops will do the trick. After using a couple of times after a late night shower, I noticed that it helped me relax and made me sleep easier; lavender and camomile also help to fight insomnia, so if this massage also put you to sleep.

    You are now leaving Gotham
    If you are stressed out and your relaxation levels are meeting a new low, Body Shop's "Divine Calm Relaxing Massage Oil" will aid you to calm and scare away any psychological pressure that builds up in the end of the day. This rich oil and the lavender, camomile it contains will seal the relaxation factor and the sweet almond oil will hydrate your skin. And for our insomniac readers, this oil might help you go to sleep easier. All hail lavender and camomile!

    P.S. How was your 4th of July? Did you have fun with family, friends and fireworks? And for our international readers, how was your Friday and Saturday?

  34. Reading and Wearing Make-Up #1

    Tuesday, July 1, 2014

    When I have some free time, I like to catch up with my comic book subscriptions. But just because I am relaxing indoors with a comic book does not mean I can't apply some lipstick, right?
    Or am I the only person weird enough to apply make-up and catch up on Hellboy's adventures?

    So, we have a new series of articles in which I will show you  the comics books I am reading and the lipstick or other beauty product I am rocking while reading. For our first "Reading and Wearing Make-Up", we have "Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland" from Dark Horse Comics. Sir Edward Grey was a nineteenth century paranormal investigator and was first mentioned in "Hellboy: Wake The Devil". Since then, there have been stories about his adventures with paranormal mysteries but in this new series we see Sir Edward Grey travelling to the city of Hallam to solve a mysterious death. Hallam is famous for the production of a health elixir called "Poole's Elixir" and this is the first crime ever committed in the little town. Who is the murderer? Why are eels so important to this community? And why do foul creatures attack Edward Grey in the middle of the night, asking him to leave or stay and die? Pick this up at your local comic book store and entice your curiosity!

    If you look closely at the comic book cover you will notice a red band on the top saying "20 years of Hellboy" and you can also see MAC "Lady Danger" lipstick too. Red band, Hellboy's birthday asks for a red lipstick! "Lady Danger" is a matte vivid bright coral-red lipstick, which might seem a little dry to some but the colour is unique.

    P.S. What do you think of our column? Do you apply make-up and stay home doing chores or just relaxing?