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  1. Reading and Wearing Make-Up #3

    Tuesday, August 5, 2014

    There comes a time in a comic book series that something terrible happens. We have all read about Batman getting crippled by Bane in "Batman: Knightfall" story and it never really gets any easier; a hero's fall is not an easy story to read about but even heroes once in a while have hard and dark times to face.
    Because every hero and human fall into the dark and emerges in the light again.

    So, it is kind of a shock for us readers to witness Archie Andrew's death in "Life With Archie" issue 36. Archie Andrews is the fun, loving and funny protagonist of Archie Comics that we all have read or watched or stumbled upon at least once; Archie with his best friend Jughead and his sweethearts who always give him a hard time to choose one Betty and Veronica, have had many adventures throughout the 72 years of the existence of the comic book. Endless funny stories with Riverdale's high school  principal Mr. Weatherbee, pranks and fights with Reggie Mantle and many love misunderstandings with Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge and other ladies that caught Archie's eye are a few examples of the colourful stories that make the Archie Comics. But each story must come to an end, though this time is a more dramatic. In issue 36 of "Life With Archie" we read the story of Riverdale's best known and loved redhead as he sacrifices himself to save a friend from perish; we follow Archie through the events that lead to the unfortunate event and witness the end(?) of a legend.

    With this comic book to read and the heart aching conclusion I had to face, I wore my favourite mascara and kept on reading to the end. "They're real!" by Benefit Cosmetics is the only mascara that stays on at all times, lengthens and separates the eye-lashes, and didn't smudge while I shed a tear of two while reading; this mascara proved itself a saviour in hard reading times.

    P.S. To paraphrase a well known Bauhaus lyric from "Bela Lugosi's Dead" let's honour Archie Andrews memory by exclaiming "Archie Andrew's dead, undead undead undead!"

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