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  1. I have a confession to make. I am a superhero equipped not only with expertise in hand to hand combat and use weapons but also with anxieties and worries. I worry about Batman's and Robin's night patrols in Gotham searching for the Penguin's goon and I am anxious about Damian's upbringing and how we will protect him from what's out there. 
    I blame Mondays for making me feel more anxious than usual. You?

    So, to lighten up the spirit I introduce you this Monday's sample! After reading a little bit about Estée Lauder's "Lip Conditioner" on the internet, I was impressed by the positive reviews and wanted to try it for myself. This lip conditioner is colorless, packed with Vitamin C and E, shea butter and other naturally derived moisturizers offering an intensive moisturizing treatment when used on its own or as base coat under your lipstick. We will find out how moisturizing this is!

    Don't let the photo fool you!

    I hope you have a better Monday than me and let's hope the bat signal does not go off for one night to help the worrying stay put for tonight! What are you sampling today? Come share with us!


  2. Even though Gotham is a big city with lot of things to offer to its citizens and its vigilantes who protect it from its villains, sometimes you want to get out of it. Whether it is a business trip to Metropolis to be with Bruce for an interview on "Daily Planet" about Wayne Industries using alternative energies, or a trip down the ocean to help Aquaman, a little escape from Gotham is great.
    Who doesn't want to travel around the world?

    If the boys and girls here in Gotham plan to stay quiet for a few days, I think I will board the very first jet to Paris and visit a beauty store like no other.

    "Buly", in 6 rue Bonaparte Paris, is a beauty store that opened a few weeks ago but has roots deeper in time. Jean-Vincent Bully opened this boutique in 1803 and quickly gained reputation for his unique perfumes and scented vinegars. After a long long time, more than two hundred years,  Victoire de Taillac and Ramdane Touhami, partners in life, re-vamped the perfume brand by slightly altering the name, taking away a 'l', and introduced "L'Officine universelle Buly" to the world and beauty lovers.


  3. We all have our little guilty pleasures. I used to enjoy plotting Batman's fall with my father, Ra's al Ghul, and spent heart, soul and time on it but I enjoyed every minute of it; until Batman and his "family" demolished our evil schemes and we had to prepare for the next time. Nowadays, Batman is my love and a whole lot more so there is space for a new guilty pleasure. When I am not chasing some lead to protect Damian from the hands of Deathstroke, I like to spend some quality time pampering my self. And when I say pampering "myself", I mean "my skin".
    Is that a crime, your Honor?

    With that confession out of my chest, I will share with you the cream that I can't get enough using. If I couldn't live with one product, that would be eye cream. I have the distinct idea that eyes need the same care and moisturizing our face needs, so I always keep an eye cream handy to massage around the eye area. I have tried various products with none making me feel excited but my heart skipped a beat when I started using Kiehl's "Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado". Avocado oil is well known for moisturizing, so this eye cream was my first purchasing option from Kiehl's stand; when I tried it at the stand, I was surprised at the cream's thickness and how easily it blended, though it took some time for my skin to absorb it. Also,I was surprised to notice that even though the cream's color is light green, it left the skin shiny and kind of glow-y.
    But what happened when it was applied on the delicate eye area?

    After including it for some time in my beauty routine, I have to say that I am quite happy with this cream and its thick texture makes it to last longer because you don't need to apply much product. In other words, this eye cream goes a long way, though you should only keep it for 6 months as the instructions say. This eye cream fully keeps your eye area moisturized and if you have dark circles, those will kind of disappear but not go away forever (you will need a faithful concealer for that).

    You are now leaving Gotham
    Kiehl's "Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado" is an ideal eye cream for keeping the eye area hydrated and well nurtured. It might take some time to adjust on how much you should use, but the result will reward your patience and spoil your eyes in a good way! Because we all need some spoiling even if we don't pay attention to it, or don't have time for it.

    P.S. What is your favorite eye cream? Do you enjoy applying eye cream and massaging the eye area to get the product right in there or just tap it quickly, wait for it to dry and apply your make-up?

  4. Hey there, still alive after yesterday's extravagant meal? It's that time of the week, Monday, but I think it's safe to say that it is a "good" Monday if there is such a thing as a "good Monday". After Mr Bats successfully averted Mad Hatter's plans for a crisis in Easter, the Wayne family had time to spend some time enjoying Alfred's deviled eggs. But I know you are wondering the same thing.
    What's this Monday's sample?

    A dramatic superheroine needs one thing in her make-up. Or two, or three, oh well she needs a lot of things to be honest, but let's focus on one for the time being. Mascara. Who doesn't need spectacularly shaped lashes to face the day and any other thing that might come up? So, I got a sample from Dior's "Diorshow Iconic Overcurl" mascara to try its incurved brush, that is modelled after professional eyelash curlers and delivers extreme curl for your lashes! We will see how many of its promises this mascara keeps!

    Sexy curve(s)

    Are you planning to relax for the rest of the day and fill those batteries for tomorrow? And what is that sample you have there next to your eye cream? (Hope that last bit didn't sound very creepy, hehe).Have a great Monday and a great week!


  5. Every once in a while you feel like you need something or someone to rely on; maybe it is a friend to hear you out or a very good make-up to stay where it should all day without you checking it every 10 minutes. Personally, I felt like I needed a product that would make sure that my eyeshadow stayed put no matter if I had to to spend a few hours teaching Damian Martial Arts or have to save the ransacked and clobbered Gotham City from Harley Quinn and her best friend, Poison Ivy.
    So, what's going to give you that extra stay?

    Let's say you don't just need something you can trust but you need a little extra, like something that can be used on its own and cover the redness of your upper eyelids. 
    Does this all hit a nerve?

    If it does, then let me introduce you to MAC Cosmetics's "Pro Longwear Paint Pot" in "Painterly". Accidentally, I zoomed into this paint pot intrigued by the fact I have never payed it attention before; then I went on to try it on my palm and was impressed by its creaminess and how easily it blended. I am not used to cream eyeshadows but this one called for me! I tried "Painterly" on my upper eyelids and I found that it totally hid the natural redness my eyelids usually have but it also didn't feel heavy or look cakey; it matched perfectly my skin tone and gave a fresh, relaxed look. But that is not the end! This certain shade, "Painterly", can be used as a base/primer to help your eyeshadows work better and stay longer. There are other shades that work as well on their own as with eyeshadows applied on top of them.

    Painterly: nude beige.

    You are now leaving Gotham
    MAC's "Pro Longwear Paint Pot" is a  highly pigmented eye color that works as an eyeshadow and a primer at the same time, whether you want to use it on its own or as base. This creamy eyeshadow will save you a lot of application time while delivering a vibrant finish that can be combined with any eyeshadow. Sky's the limit girl and you have a lot of color options! And don't forget, this eyeshadow can be applied without a brush and personally I feel I control better the blending.

    P.S. Have a happy Easter! I wish the best to all of you and your families and hope you have a great time! What are your plans for the day? Family lunch and then some needed relaxation? I know, I will be patrolling the streets with Batman because someone said there might be a couple of egg-surprises from the Mad Hatter. Who knows? But as for you, I wish you a great time!


  6. Mondays can be a bit irritating, especially after a weekend full of run-ins with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, who tried to cause as much mayhem as they could; quality time with Damian and Bruce is rewarding but never enough to keep things quiet for some time.
    The pains of being a superhero wife.

    Just kidding, life's good at the Wayne Mansion and just to spice up things why don't we play a game called Sampling Monday? 
    What is Sampling Monday?
    I suggest we face the dawn of a new week with a sample of a product we haven't tried before, as a way to change our beauty routine, try products that have been on our radar for a while and get excited about something! We can share our experiences, new product crushes or disappointments we have with something!

    For the first Sampling Monday, I have got the Molton Brown "Coco and sandalwood body wash"; I have known Molton Brown for some time, and after trying their hand lotion I wanted to try something different from their wide range of products. "Coco and sandalwood body wash" has a sweet scent and I can't wait to try it!

    So, which product are you giving a try at the moment or what do you want to try? Also, would you want a full review of this Monday's sample?

  7. Review: Benefit Cosmetics "Fakeup"

    Saturday, April 12, 2014

    There is something unique about staying up late. You can go out with friends, drink cocktails and talk about how your colleagues are bothering you everyday at work or you can stay in with your husband and son in front of the fireplace while Alfred serves you the most delicious pastrami sandwich you have ever had; then again, you might be spending the night in the Batmobile chasing Joker's goons and trying to put an end to his latest scheme. But frankly, no matter how you spend your nights there is a common pattern waiting for you in the morning when you wake up. Dark circles are looking at your reflection reminding you of the great/hard time you had last night and you are left with your best friend aka the concealer to save the day.

    But are you happy with your concealer?
    Personally, I had a hard time with concealers in the past. Maybe because I overdo it with the whole superhero routine, my dark circles are big and most concealers kind of cover them up but the area under my eyes gets dry. So now I had a mission to look for a concealer that would both hide my dark circles and moisturize so it could last longer and not stray away. I did a bit of research in the endless aisles of the beauty stores of Gotham and the task wasn't easy until I saw the potential of Benefit Cosmetics's "Fakeup" to be a daring sidekick to my beauty endeavors.

    "Fakeup",contains Vitamin E and apple seed extract and aims to hide dark circles, diffuse fine line, hydrate the under eye area and promises to deliver an ultra-natural look.
    So, did it work?

    I was quite hesitant about this concealer application at first, because it looks like a lipstick but with a twist. Its core is filled with the color that covers your dark circles and its outer part is a transparent hydrating substance to give you what you asked for! And boy, it did what it said! The girl at Benefit's beauty counter applied the "01 Light" shade, blended it with her ring finger and I was taken at how good my dark circles were gone. Also, the formula was so light that I felt like I didn't wear any concealer at all! There is a new superhero in town girls and this one fights the hardest of crimes: dark circles!

    "Fakeup" and its cute packaging.

    Is it lipstick? Is it concealer?

    You are now leaving Gotham
    Benefit's "Fakeup" is not your usual concealer but if you are looking for something both concealing and hydrating, you could consider this as your next purchase! It hides, it moisturizes, it lasts! And here it is the superconcealer's punchline, haha. The only negative comment I have to make is about the shades being limited but I hope they will come up with shades to compliment every skin tone soon.

    P.S. So, which concealer are you gals using? Or do you need a concealer or not? Have you tried "Fakeup"? I am waiting for your comments and also your suggestions about the reviews! Do you want swatches. demoes, or something else? Talia Wayne, wife, mother,superhero and beauty blogger is here for you!


  8. Whether you are wandering the rooftops of Gotham chasing the "Court Of Owls" conspiracy or you are bracing the cold wind blowing on your face on your way to work, dry lips are kind of a problem.

    Chapped and dry lips are annoying and then you find yourself grabbing the balm that's closest to you or run at once to your local store to find the one balm that works, the balm to rule all balms, the one balm.
    You know the feeling,right?

    And again, you might not have dry lips; your lips might be just fine and you are looking for something to glamour them up for, let's say, the Wayne Biotech staff party, along with husband Bruce Wayne, to celebrate the company's latest success on researching illnesses. 
    So, are you looking for something different for the night?

    In both cases, I got you covered! Clinique's "Superbalm moisturising gloss" is here to serve your need for moisturized and effortlessly great lips. Although it a gloss and I know that some you reading this will stop here, please don't! This gloss it is not as sticky as you may expect it to be and its formula stays longer just to keep you from reaching your mirror and re-applying. And the fun part is you get to choose the color you want! There are 8 shades to satisfy your pout and with colors ranging from a bright sheer cherry red (Raspberry) to a pale blue pink with white shimmer (Grapefruit), something will strike your fancy! Its non-shimmer finish makes it wearable on it own day and night and you can also layer it on your lipstick to create a different shade and seal the moisturizing effect. It's never too late to distract people (and foes) with nice lips!

    You are now leaving Gotham
    Clinique's "Superbalm moisturizing gloss" is a balm disguised as a gloss to take care of your dry lips and be a part of your make-up routine; changes can be bad and good, but with on your side, the change will be for the better! 

    P.S. I have purchased the "Grapefruit" shade, which enhances my own lip color and works great with any lipstick! Also, tell me on the comments section which is your favorite balm to dry lips or whether you love/hate the idea of a gloss working as lip balm!