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  1. I have a confession to make. I am a superhero equipped not only with expertise in hand to hand combat and use weapons but also with anxieties and worries. I worry about Batman's and Robin's night patrols in Gotham searching for the Penguin's goon and I am anxious about Damian's upbringing and how we will protect him from what's out there. 
    I blame Mondays for making me feel more anxious than usual. You?

    So, to lighten up the spirit I introduce you this Monday's sample! After reading a little bit about Estée Lauder's "Lip Conditioner" on the internet, I was impressed by the positive reviews and wanted to try it for myself. This lip conditioner is colorless, packed with Vitamin C and E, shea butter and other naturally derived moisturizers offering an intensive moisturizing treatment when used on its own or as base coat under your lipstick. We will find out how moisturizing this is!

    Don't let the photo fool you!

    I hope you have a better Monday than me and let's hope the bat signal does not go off for one night to help the worrying stay put for tonight! What are you sampling today? Come share with us!

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