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  1. Whether you are wandering the rooftops of Gotham chasing the "Court Of Owls" conspiracy or you are bracing the cold wind blowing on your face on your way to work, dry lips are kind of a problem.

    Chapped and dry lips are annoying and then you find yourself grabbing the balm that's closest to you or run at once to your local store to find the one balm that works, the balm to rule all balms, the one balm.
    You know the feeling,right?

    And again, you might not have dry lips; your lips might be just fine and you are looking for something to glamour them up for, let's say, the Wayne Biotech staff party, along with husband Bruce Wayne, to celebrate the company's latest success on researching illnesses. 
    So, are you looking for something different for the night?

    In both cases, I got you covered! Clinique's "Superbalm moisturising gloss" is here to serve your need for moisturized and effortlessly great lips. Although it a gloss and I know that some you reading this will stop here, please don't! This gloss it is not as sticky as you may expect it to be and its formula stays longer just to keep you from reaching your mirror and re-applying. And the fun part is you get to choose the color you want! There are 8 shades to satisfy your pout and with colors ranging from a bright sheer cherry red (Raspberry) to a pale blue pink with white shimmer (Grapefruit), something will strike your fancy! Its non-shimmer finish makes it wearable on it own day and night and you can also layer it on your lipstick to create a different shade and seal the moisturizing effect. It's never too late to distract people (and foes) with nice lips!

    You are now leaving Gotham
    Clinique's "Superbalm moisturizing gloss" is a balm disguised as a gloss to take care of your dry lips and be a part of your make-up routine; changes can be bad and good, but with on your side, the change will be for the better! 

    P.S. I have purchased the "Grapefruit" shade, which enhances my own lip color and works great with any lipstick! Also, tell me on the comments section which is your favorite balm to dry lips or whether you love/hate the idea of a gloss working as lip balm!

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