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  1. Getting to know: "Black Widow Balm"

    Thursday, July 31, 2014

    Surfing online is a favourite activity that often turns up little diamonds. After spending a serious amount of time trying to solve Cluemaster's latest scheme, which was a virus that attacked the computer and the network Batman has established, it was time for me to relax with a cup of coffee and do some beauty research with the computer working.
    Because online shopping is really important.

    But online shopping is not only an easy process but also a chance to find products you wouldn't be able to find near you. So in one of those moments when you are looking for something but you are not sure what, I stumbled upon and Etsy shop that I found amazing! Black Widow Balm is a maker of imaginative cosmetics from Pearland Texas and her Etsy shop is a space filled with one-of-a-kind lip balms and glosses. Shareta, the owner and maker behind Black Widow Balm, launched her Etsy shop in May 2012 after her wish to make a deeply tinted balm which would be good for the lips and work as a lipstick too. Using only natural ingredients and creating everything from the packaging to the scent of the balms, Shareta has established a shop that offers unique lip balms in colours like rosewood, forest green or charcoal, black tinted lip glosses with ultra fine gold or iridescent glitter and an orange mint sugar scrub.

    Each product from Black Widow Balm is a dream come true and with every purchase, 10% of it goes to a a selected non-profit organization that works with communities to bring about happier, healthier lives to people and animals. I purchased an Outsiders 3-Piece Sample Pack feat, Spell, Frida and Iron Maiden Colour Balms and I can't wait to receive it! 

    I was curious to learn more about Black Widow Balm and contacted Shareta to ask her for a little interview about her and her products! Keep on reading to find out more about the amazing Black Widow Balm!


  2. Summertime is time to get as colourful as you can/want! I find it that summer is the season to try trends that you wouldn't try any other time and actually like them! I am a conservative make-up fan and I tend to cling on classic products and shades, not risking to go out of my comfort zone; but in life I am also conservative but thanks to Mr Bats I took a huge leap faith and turned my life upside down but I got to keep my assassin identity.
    Sometimes you need someone to help you risk a bit further.

    Something that helped me get out of my comfort zone was once again MAC Cosmetics. The new nail collection "Nail Transformation" features 3 studio nail lacquers and 4 different products that transform the nail colour you have already applied into something different; there is a shadow topcoat that gives any studio nail lacquer shade a smoky glow, a texturizer topcoat that adds a leather effect, a highlighter that illuminates nail colour with sheer, pearlescent shades of blue and a liquid pigment topcoat that highlights and illuminates nail colour with three different sheer, pearlescent shades in pink, green or gold. Every product in this collection is eye-catching but the products that I decided to take with me home were the "Highlighter" and the "Liquid Pigments" in Pink and Green Pearl. 
    The Highlighter is a sheer, pearlescent blue topcoat that can be applied on top of any nail polish you have applied on your nails; the result is an illuminated blue shade coming from within, giving a whole different finish than what your nail polish looked without the topcoat. I found that two coats of this topcoat work best, but you can apply more if you want the result to be vibrant.
    The "Liquid Pigments" in Pink and Green Pearl are very much like the "Highlighter"; they are sheer, pearlescent topcoats but offer an illuminated shade of pink and green accordingly. They give the glow from within effect and work well with every nail polish.
    Even though most of my nail polishes are matte, I went on to try most of them with every topcoat. I paired H&M nail polish "Popsicle Purple" with the "Highlighter", and the pearlescent blue shades matched exceptionally the light purple colour.Next, I applied the "Highlighter" and the "Liquid Pigment-Pink Pearl" on top of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish "260-So Much Fawn" and the result is a beautiful dark salmon pink colour with blue and pink pearlscent shades that also appear purple at times. For my last nail polish and topcoat experiment, I paired China Glaze nail lacquer "616-Inner Beauty" with the "Liquid Pigment-Green Pearl" and the result was a neutral beige with green pearlscent stealing the spotlight!
    Overall, I think these topcoats are a great investment if you want to give a twist to your nail polish collection and the combinations you can create with are many and fun! Another benefit is that these topcoats speed up the time for the nail polish to dry and seal in the colour. 

    From left to right: "Highlighter", "Liquid Pigment-Pink Pearl", "Liquid Pigment-Green Pearl"

    From left to right: H&M "Popsicle Purple" nail polish with the "Highligher", Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "260-So Much Fawn" with the "Highlighter" and the "Liquid Pigment-Pink Pearl", China Glaze nail lacquer "616-Inner Beauty" with the "Liquid Pigment- Green Pearl".

    You are now leaving Gotham
    If you are looking for new ways to incorporate some colour to your life, the "Highlighter" and "Liquid Pigments" in Pink and Green Pearl will bring your nail polish collection a big transformation! Each topcoat offers a different effect, with pearlscent shades of blue, pink and green that can be used on their own or combined with each other; the topcoat colour games is on and you can do whatever you like! The formula is buildable, but two coats of each product will surely give you a finish that is unique and that helps to dry the nail base colour faster. Feel adventurous? Try these topcoats then!

  3. Happy National Lipstick Day to all! If diamonds are a girl's best friend, I think we can say that lipstick is a girl's soulmate! Lipsticks can really change a make-up routine and with so many options out there, every lipstick is a reason to fall in love with it! Matte finishes, hydrating and long lasting formulas, red shades that give a girl a vintage look, there is at least one lipstick for you!

    So, why don't we take a walk down memory lane and re-visit all our lipstick posts? Click below to read more and get prepared for what the lipstick future holds in Talia's blog/universe!


    P.S. Which is your favourite lipstick? How are you planning to celebrate National Lipstick Day? Splurging for some new lipsticks or wearing a classic lipstick? No matter what, you rock that lipstick!

  4. That was a short July. I do not know about you but I have not fully realised how quickly July went by and we are getting ready to dive into the last month of the summer, August! The only person in the Wayne Family who got to relax some extra time was Damian; no school but plenty of quality and training time with mom and dad because we need to make sure he is safe.
    Because safety comes first.

    It's gonna be August, and protection from the sun is still a prime concern. So, I decided to alter my sunscreen routine and try Avene "Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+". Avene is known for its wide skincare products centred around Avène Thermal spring water and, which are suitable for sensitive skin. The "Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+" offers a high protection from the sun and covers a very broad spectrum of UV protection (against UVB and UVA rays). Among its ingredients, Pre-tocopheryl protects the skin cells from free radicals, and Glyceryl Laurate helps to regulate the excess oil and give the skin an instant matte finish. Let's see how good this is!

    P.S. How is your summer going? Getting ready to go on vacation on August or have you had your share of beach time?

  5. Reading and Wearing Make-Up #2

    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    So, some of your reading this might be in the San Diego Comic-Con and having the time of your lives! Hurrah for you and have some fun for me too! But I am here, in the Wayne Manor, chilling and having a last minute pedicure before heading to the Batcave; and while the polish is drying, here's the second installment of "Reading and Wearing Make-Up"!
    Who's excited to read about beauty before hitting the comic booths?

    A personal favourite and new comic series is Dark Horse Comics "Dream Thief"; in the first 5-issue story arc of the series, we meet John Lincoln, who after stealing an Aboriginal mask from a museum, gets possessed by vengeful spirits while asleep; the spirits that possess John's body and mind, pass to John their memories and unique skills in order to extract their revenge. At the end of the first volume of "Dream Thief", John comes face to face with another man who possesses the same "gift" as him and a big secret about John's past is revealed. This summer, the new Dream Thief story "Dream Thief: Escape", takes us back to Lincoln's nocturnal adventures and his search into what really is that makes him unique and what lurks in his past for his to uncover. What surprises will Lincoln face in his endeavour to stay awake and not surrender himself to sleep?

    Since Dream Thief is wearing a badass Aboriginal mask when executing his supernatural duties, I thought that a beauty mask would work with the mask theme. So, I put on Sephora's "Rose mask- moisturising & brightening", which is a natural fiber mask mask with rose extract to moisturise skin for a radiant appearance, and did my best vigilante impression; my skin loved it! 

     P.S. Are you a fan of masks? Clay masks, yoghurt masks, fiber masks? Also, will you be going to San Diego?


  6. Another week is kicking off and what better way to start than trying something new! The heat is rising over here and this heatwave does not seem to slowdown Victor Zsasz's hunting/killing spree; if I had a call in which villain runs free in the streets of Gotham right now, I would definitely suggest Mr. Freeze for the weather.
    Maybe, the heat is finally getting to my brains.

    High temperatures can fool one's senses but I will never go crazy over the value of a moisturiser. My latest moisturiser crush is Maria Galland "Intensive Hydrating Cream 96" and I got a sample after bumping into the beautician of the brand in the store and recommending I try this cream because my skin looked kind of dry. The "Intensive Hydrating Cream 96" contains vitamin A, vitamin E to regenerate cells and UV filter to protect the skin against external factors and premature ageing; its rich and cool texture is rapidly absorbed and gives your complexion a fresh look, smoothing lines caused by dryness. I completely fell head over heels with this moisturiser and I can't wait to see how it treats my dryness in the summer craze.

    P.S. How are you handling the high temperatures? A nice bath in the beach or curled up at home with the A/C blasting?


  7. Review: Max Factor "Lipfinity"

    Friday, July 18, 2014

    Sometimes you need something to accompany you 24 hours and not worry about it leaving or staining or whatever. It's no easy task running around and keeping in mind to check your lipstick and see how it goes. Take Lois Lane for example; she works hard to catch the news, write articles and be Clark Kent's girl and Superman's sweetheart while trying to stay out of trouble's way.
    So, a good staying product is the one that might keep that mirror in the cosmetics case.

    So, if you are interested in finding a lipstick that stays with you more than you ever though of possible, Max Factor "Lipfinity" is what will do the job. This is a formula that stays on for 24 hours but it is not the usual lipstick that you apply from the bullet and go; "Lipfinity" comes with two products, one gloss that contains the colour and one balm to keep your lips hydrated and give a luscious shine. Now the secret for the application is to first apply the colour to your lips, wait for one minute to dry while keeping your lips parted and then apply the balm; once you have completed these steps, you are ready to go! The colour will stay on for much time and whenever you feel your lips dry or want to refresh them, you can apply the balm and ensure the colour lasts longer. I have a weakness for corals so I chose to try the "Ever More Radiant" shade, which is coral orange-y and perfect for the summer. Personally, I put this formula to hard tests and it kind of passed; though most of the colour faded away after eating, drinking and eating again, it delivered better than I expected it.

     You are now leaving Gotham
    Max Factor "Lipfinity" is a revolutionary product that is great for the lip fan in every gal. With two products, one to give the colour and one to moisturise the lips, this lip colour will give you a long lasting result and shades that will impress you and the people around you.

    P.S. TGIF! Happy weekend to all! Do you like long lasting products or do you prefer to control your make-up and re-apply when it's needed?