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  1. Another week is kicking off and what better way to start than trying something new! The heat is rising over here and this heatwave does not seem to slowdown Victor Zsasz's hunting/killing spree; if I had a call in which villain runs free in the streets of Gotham right now, I would definitely suggest Mr. Freeze for the weather.
    Maybe, the heat is finally getting to my brains.

    High temperatures can fool one's senses but I will never go crazy over the value of a moisturiser. My latest moisturiser crush is Maria Galland "Intensive Hydrating Cream 96" and I got a sample after bumping into the beautician of the brand in the store and recommending I try this cream because my skin looked kind of dry. The "Intensive Hydrating Cream 96" contains vitamin A, vitamin E to regenerate cells and UV filter to protect the skin against external factors and premature ageing; its rich and cool texture is rapidly absorbed and gives your complexion a fresh look, smoothing lines caused by dryness. I completely fell head over heels with this moisturiser and I can't wait to see how it treats my dryness in the summer craze.

    P.S. How are you handling the high temperatures? A nice bath in the beach or curled up at home with the A/C blasting?


  2. Review: Max Factor "Lipfinity"

    Friday, July 18, 2014

    Sometimes you need something to accompany you 24 hours and not worry about it leaving or staining or whatever. It's no easy task running around and keeping in mind to check your lipstick and see how it goes. Take Lois Lane for example; she works hard to catch the news, write articles and be Clark Kent's girl and Superman's sweetheart while trying to stay out of trouble's way.
    So, a good staying product is the one that might keep that mirror in the cosmetics case.

    So, if you are interested in finding a lipstick that stays with you more than you ever though of possible, Max Factor "Lipfinity" is what will do the job. This is a formula that stays on for 24 hours but it is not the usual lipstick that you apply from the bullet and go; "Lipfinity" comes with two products, one gloss that contains the colour and one balm to keep your lips hydrated and give a luscious shine. Now the secret for the application is to first apply the colour to your lips, wait for one minute to dry while keeping your lips parted and then apply the balm; once you have completed these steps, you are ready to go! The colour will stay on for much time and whenever you feel your lips dry or want to refresh them, you can apply the balm and ensure the colour lasts longer. I have a weakness for corals so I chose to try the "Ever More Radiant" shade, which is coral orange-y and perfect for the summer. Personally, I put this formula to hard tests and it kind of passed; though most of the colour faded away after eating, drinking and eating again, it delivered better than I expected it.

     You are now leaving Gotham
    Max Factor "Lipfinity" is a revolutionary product that is great for the lip fan in every gal. With two products, one to give the colour and one to moisturise the lips, this lip colour will give you a long lasting result and shades that will impress you and the people around you.

    P.S. TGIF! Happy weekend to all! Do you like long lasting products or do you prefer to control your make-up and re-apply when it's needed?

  3. We are not gone!

    Tuesday, July 15, 2014

    Hey you! Sorry for the lack of posts and updates but the Wayne family was on vacation for a week. Things will be back to normal and I hope you had a great time too! Here's a sneak peek photo of the products we will be sampling and reviewing in the nest posts. Stay tuned!


  4. The weekend is long gone and it is time to see what this new week has in store! Today we were on a family trip to catch up with an old friend over in Middletown; you may have heard of a great detective from there, John Jones solving mysteries and helping people in demise, or you may have heard of a the Martian Manhunter, an extraterrestrial superhero and  member of the Justice League. The Wayne Family never misses a chance to take a trip.
    Who doesn't like some time away from home?

    So, for an excursion away from home, I have decided to try Kiehl's "Midnight Recovery Concentrate" and see how it goes. "Midnight Recovery Concentrate" is a replenishing nighttime facial oil with distilled botanicals that visibly restores the appearance of skin by morning. This is an oil that should be used in the night, after your cleansing routine and substituting your moisturiser; this product works with the skin's natural nocturnal activity, when skin is most receptive to repairing itself from daily aggressors, to dramatically restore skin. "Midnight Recovery Concentrate" is a great alternative for the usual cream moisturiser and it helps to regenerate, repair, and replenish skin for a smoother and healthier result. Can't wait to see if I will be of the fanatics swearing by this formula!

    P.S. Sorry for the late post. Wish you all a great week!

  5. It's better late than ever to wish to all American readers happy 4th of July! I hope you all had a fun time and enough time to relax from celebrations. Sundays are usually days that I tend to wake up late in an effort to make up for the late nights spent chasing Killer Croc in the sewers of Gotham City. And you know, sewers are not a place for a girl like me but it pays to think that I have a warm bath waiting for me when I get home.
    A soothing, relaxing bath time never hurt anyone.

    But if stress has taken its toll on you and you need something extra to help you relax, the "Divine Calm Relaxing Massage Oil" by the Body Shop is what you are looking for. This is a massage oil that contains essential oils of lavender and camomile, a combination that will soothe and refresh you after a long day. Lavender and camomile are known to have soothing and relaxing effects and the smell is strong but not too much to be overwhelming. The sweet almond oil is also a beneficial ingredient that softens and moisturises the skin. To apply the massage oil, you warm a few drops in your palms and massage into the body; the oil is kind of thick but a few drops will do the trick. After using a couple of times after a late night shower, I noticed that it helped me relax and made me sleep easier; lavender and camomile also help to fight insomnia, so if this massage also put you to sleep.

    You are now leaving Gotham
    If you are stressed out and your relaxation levels are meeting a new low, Body Shop's "Divine Calm Relaxing Massage Oil" will aid you to calm and scare away any psychological pressure that builds up in the end of the day. This rich oil and the lavender, camomile it contains will seal the relaxation factor and the sweet almond oil will hydrate your skin. And for our insomniac readers, this oil might help you go to sleep easier. All hail lavender and camomile!

    P.S. How was your 4th of July? Did you have fun with family, friends and fireworks? And for our international readers, how was your Friday and Saturday?

  6. Reading and Wearing Make-Up #1

    Tuesday, July 1, 2014

    When I have some free time, I like to catch up with my comic book subscriptions. But just because I am relaxing indoors with a comic book does not mean I can't apply some lipstick, right?
    Or am I the only person weird enough to apply make-up and catch up on Hellboy's adventures?

    So, we have a new series of articles in which I will show you  the comics books I am reading and the lipstick or other beauty product I am rocking while reading. For our first "Reading and Wearing Make-Up", we have "Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland" from Dark Horse Comics. Sir Edward Grey was a nineteenth century paranormal investigator and was first mentioned in "Hellboy: Wake The Devil". Since then, there have been stories about his adventures with paranormal mysteries but in this new series we see Sir Edward Grey travelling to the city of Hallam to solve a mysterious death. Hallam is famous for the production of a health elixir called "Poole's Elixir" and this is the first crime ever committed in the little town. Who is the murderer? Why are eels so important to this community? And why do foul creatures attack Edward Grey in the middle of the night, asking him to leave or stay and die? Pick this up at your local comic book store and entice your curiosity!

    If you look closely at the comic book cover you will notice a red band on the top saying "20 years of Hellboy" and you can also see MAC "Lady Danger" lipstick too. Red band, Hellboy's birthday asks for a red lipstick! "Lady Danger" is a matte vivid bright coral-red lipstick, which might seem a little dry to some but the colour is unique.

    P.S. What do you think of our column? Do you apply make-up and stay home doing chores or just relaxing?

  7.  Happy Monday all! It's time to share my thoughts about the samples I have been using lately. There have been some disappointments and some pleasant surprises so I ended up with a sardonic smile like Joker's with one or two products. So, trying new things helps to find out what really works for you and which products you feel like you should grab some extra samples to give them time to show results.
    It always takes some effort to find the right thing. Sampling Monday, let's go!

     Clinique "Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum and Makeup" : Now these are two products so let's talk about each separately. I applied the "Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum" after cleansing and before moisturising my face and loved the lightweight formula but after trying it for a couple of days I didn't see any difference on my pores. As for the "Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfecting Makeup", the shade was indeed a tiny bit darker than mine but this foundation offers great coverage and does make pores appear smaller. In a few words, liked the make-up but didn't see any point to the serum.

    Algenist "Algae Brightening Mask" : I am a big mask fan and I am excited to say that I totally loved this! Even though the texture was a bit bizarre for my taste, I was impressed that this brightening mask hydrated, smoothed my skin and it balanced my redness. My face looked brighter for days my complexion looked more balanced.

    Bumble and Bumble "Surf Shampoo and Conditioner" : Well, these two products gave me a hard time to decide and I will explain now in detail. I have straight, which sometimes tend to be wavy so I though that this shampoo and conditioner combo would give me a more wavy result than my usual; after using these two I ended up with very light beach waves. I think that Bumble and Bumble is recommended for a better result but the "Surf" shampoo and conditioner can be used on their own or with the "Surf Spray" for a more complete look. Personally, I loved the scent of the shampoo, the lightness of the conditioner and I went crazy for the volume my hair had! This shampoo and conditioner are great but they are not as "beachy" as I expected.

    P.S. I hope this round of Sampling Monday's samples is a bit of a help for you to decide which product to try or not! Have you tried any of the products that are mentioned? What did you think of them?