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  1. There are some things a person seems to avoid as best as he/she can. For example, I try to stay away from any kind of heat for my hairstyles; I am not a big fan of blow-outs, I do not see any point in getting a straightener or a curling iron and I have not mastered any form of achieving a great hair with a little help of heat rollers. I have a big love for 50's hairstyles and a big fear that I will destroy my hair with a little heat so, I tend to stick to air drying my hair and doing top knots or other crazy stuff to achieve something of a look. There was a time when I showed up at a secret meeting with Batman and Commissioner Gordon with a turban to securely hide my bizarre pin-curl set.
    Turbans are a hair saviour during the most trying times.  

    So, with that off my chest, I want to introduce you a product that has become essential for me and my hair. Bumble and Bumble "Grooming Creme" is a styling moisturiser for achieving a casual, effortless hair looks without giving you any extra effort to achieve it. This styling cream can be used on damp or dry hair, and no matter if your hair is dry, oily or normal type, you can build the product according to your needs; it is also good for thick, coarse, afro textures and dry hair. "Grooming Creme" can also be combined with other hair products to add texture and shine.
    Personally, this styling cream has become an essential part of my hair styling routine. Every time I wash my hair, I put a small amount of "Grooming Creme" on my damp hair ends and then style my hair on a top knot (with the help of a hair doughnut) to get a very loose curl in my usual straight hair. I have also tried to do a pin-curl setting with this cream but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because for this type of hair styles, this cream does not give deliver a strong curl result. But with the unfortunate pin-curl set incident put aside, I have to say that I really like the lightweight of the formula, the smell of the product, which is not too heavy to annoy you and people around you, and how smooth and long-lasting the result is. My hair is less frizzy, more shiny and as the days go by, the loose curl result stays the same, with the curls becoming looser but staying fabulous.

    You are now leaving Gotham 
    Whether you are a hair enthusiast, straightening your hair with a blow-dryer, air drying your hair with various techniques or trying to create an effortless, soft and cool hair look with, "Grooming Creme" by Bumble and Bumble is the product that will bring out your dream hair. This is a product ideal for every hair type and for most different styling/hair need you may have; its lightweight formula, allows you to build up the product as you like, without weighing down your hair or making your hair appear greasier and less shiny. Whether you are lazy like me or not, "Grooming Creme" is a styling product that can find a way in your and your hair's heart.

    P.S. I thought I would kick off this week a little different but don't forget to check later for the "Sampling Monday" post!

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