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  1. Here in Gotham, it is already Tuesday and the "Sampling Monday" post is not up yet; somewhere in this vast, wide world and the universes that compose it must still be Monday, right?
    Multiversity is an excuse to put off things, and get to them later. Long live the multiverse!

    This week's "Sampling Monday" features Estee Lauder's "Sumptuous Extreme" mascara in extreme black. I am always excited when I get cosmetics samples, and this mascara is no exception. The "Sumptuous Extreme" mascara creates outrageous volume, lifts and curves to give an audacious, false-lash effect to make eyes look wider, brighter and more seductive. The unique formula of this mascara acts almost like lash extensions, multiplying and growing the look of lashes while at the same time conditioning them. The mascara brush (that bears a slight resemblance to a cone to get to your lashes in the inner part of the eye) has two types of bristles, flexible fibers to carry maximum formula and solid fibers to comb and separate for clump-free definition, to fully vamp your lashes. I can't wait to see how extreme this mascara is!

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