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  1. And we are back on normal rotation! After spending the weekend stranded in the bedroom with Bruce bringing me cups of tea when he wasn't out with Damian, attending to matters going crazy with The Riddler, and Alfred making me his delicious soup, Memorial Day was better. I got a chance to have a BBQ with all the men and made sure to stay in to fully recover, even though duty called.
    Being sick and keeping a beauty routine is kind of hard, right?

    But sick or not, we have Sampling Monday here today! For this week, the sample I will be trying is Laura Mercier's "Eyedration Moisture Eye Crème"! This eye cream contains mango butter and beet root extract, which will prevent signs of ageing by increasing moisture retention, and vitamins E and C, which will protect you from environmental stress. The rich and buttery formula of the crème hydrates, nourishes and soothes the delicate eye area. Eyes will look refreshed, renewed and less lined  immediately after application. After a late night or a sickness, the eye area tends to look de-hydrated and in need of some extra care and I want to see how it successfully delivers the renewed and refreshed result this eye cream promises!

    P.S. How was your Memorial Day? BBQ and sunbathing?

  2. Happy Memorial Day!

    Monday, May 26, 2014

    To all heroes, superheroes, citizens and all, have a wonderful Memorial Day! Due to celebrations and a cold I caught, Sampling Monday will brought to you tomorrow!

    Have fun and hope you have an unforgettable time!

  3. I don't know why but there are a couple of things that always make you feel better when you wear them;  for some people it is red lipstick, for others it is their favourite mascara and for some it is their brand new, custom made Robin suit that will help them on their career as protectors of Gotham.
    Which beauty product makes you feel like a superhero?

    One beauty product that always makes me feel better when I apply it is red nail polish; I find it classic, flattering but it has been kind of difficult for me to find the right shade and consistency that would be kind enough to my nails. After searching for a while, I stumbled upon China Glaze's nail lacquers and was impressed by the colours variety and the inscription on it that said that this is a nail lacquer with hardeners. Even though I always use a base coat (and I have told you which is my favourite base coat it), a nail polish with hardeners is a great way to strengthen your nails. The nail polish that caught my eye was "Adventure Red-y", a deep red nail polish with brown undertones; I liked the consistency of the nail polish and it is great to see a nail polish that expires in 3 years! Yes, you read it right, China Glaze polishes expire in 3 years giving you no worries. So you have all the time to make the best of the nail polish.
    China clay is the ingredient that makes your nails stronger and China Glaze polishes are free from DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene making sure to keep your talons safe. The brush of the nail polish dispenses the product easily and it won't give you any trouble applying it. This is a professional, high quality nail polish and I am sure there is at least one nail polish that will have you head over heels!

    You are now leaving Gotham
    "Adventure Red-y" by China Glaze is a classic red nail polish to bring out the siren in you! The hardeners will treat your nails and the professional formula will give you an amazing finish!

    P.S. Have a great weekend! What nail polish are you choosing for the weekend?


  4.  Monday went by and having my hands full with Two-Face running around Gotham, deciding on good or evil deeds with the help of his special coin, I didn't brief you about this Sampling Monday. Being a caped hero, a mother, a wife and a beauty blogger is a pleasure for me but I apologise for the lack of content uploading. I will make it up to you!
    So, are we once again beauty sidekicks?

    And for the sake of Sampling Monday, let's pretend it's Monday and get on with this week's sample! Spygal, the smooth secret operator and her faithful secret weapon "The Porefessional" are here to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines and give your skin a smoother-than-smooth look! Porefessional's translucent formula compliments every skin tone and its oil free formula does not clog your skin! It can applied after your moisturiser and before your foundation or over make-up when those pores re-appear! And this sample has some food for thought to offer! It comes with a comic book with Spygal's latest adventure and two guest stars to help Spygal in keeping the Porefessional formula safe and sound from villains! So, grab your copy, try this sample and read on! Let's see how this secret weapon, "The Porefessional" fights off pores!


    P.S. Hope you have a great week! What is your secret make-up weapon saving your look?

  5. Danger lurks in places you never thought of and trust me when I say that. Watching out for my back when I was part of the League of Assassins was no easy task because Batman appeared out of nowhere with his batarangs, ready to destroy our plans. And now, with a regular and a superhero to look out for, things are no easier. With enemies like Mr. Freeze, you never know when something bad is going to get you.
    But how can you face danger?

    There are different kinds of danger out there but let's talk about the number one terror for skin: the sun. Even though sun exposure helps us feel good, increases the production of Vitamin D it can also accelerate the effects of ageing and risk the development of skin cancer. We all need a little help to protect our skin and make the best of the sun.

    My personal choice for a sunscreen at the moment is Korres' "Sunscreen face cream yoghurt SPF50". A friend of mine suggested me this sunscreen because she said its cooling, soft texture leaves the skin fully moisturised and ready for some action under the sun. One of the key ingredients, yoghurt, is a natural source of lactose, proteins, minerals and vitamins and increases the water content of the epidermis' top layers. The wealth of minerals and vitamins [Calcium, Phosphor, Potassium, Zinc, and vitamins A, E, D, B2 and B12] in the sunscreen also provide antioxidant protection and help reduce the visible signs of ageing. Also, the lactic acid has anti-microbial properties, helping to fight certain skin disorders while yoghurt’s vitamins E and D, help relieve and heal sunburn impact.
    The majority of sunscreens are often too thick, not easily absorbed by the skin and its heavy texture troubles girls with oily skin. But this sunscreen is quite different; even though when it has a rich texture, it is easily absorbed by the epidermis and can work excellent as a base for your make-up or mixed together with a foundation. I often practise the latter technique to get some extra coverage and the necessary protection against the sun's rays. Used on its own, combined with a foundation, or as a base, this sunscreen works well for sensitive/fair complexions and fails to make any skin irritations appear. The sunscreen should be applied evenly onto face and neck at least 30 minutes before sun exposure and as needed! So, if you are on the beach or the pool or on the road, be sure to re-apply your sunscreen!

    You are now leaving Gotham
    Sun exposure is a daily necessity for all people and protecting our complexion is a task that needs our attention. Heavy textured sunscreens are something we have all experienced but Korres' "Sunscreen face cream yoghurt SPF50" gives high protection without clogging your complexion and leaving a smooth, moisturised result. And let me add that its scent has a hint of yoghurt so keep that in mind!

    P.S. Are you a sunscreen or a foundation with SPF fan? Also, do you tend to mix your moisturiser/sunscreen with another product?


  6. Let's all say "Happy Monday" to this Monday! It's better to take things slowly and with a smile on. Harley Quinn and Joker do that so they must know something about smiling in the face of demise, right? Even if you are laughing maniacally and planning on bombing away any obstacles thrown at you this week just be careful because someone serious might be coming after you.
    And who wants to share a killing joke?

    Whatever you choose or how serious you are, let's all wave a hand at this Monday's sample! Make Up For Ever "Pro Finish" multi-use powder foundation is here to correct and even the complexion without drying the skin. It is Formulated with exclusive bio-mimetic coated pigments and its breakthrough formula gives you the chance to use this powder foundation wet or dry. If you want a sheer, kind of dewy finish, apply it wet and apply it dry for a full coverage, matte result. I was given the "125 Pink Beige" shade and after checking on their website, I was happy to see a wide range of shades so that every gal finds a perfect match! I am dying to try any foundation that promises to give me a good face and I was so happy to get this sample! Stay tuned for the verdict!

    P.S. What is your favourite foundation? Are you a powder or a liquid foundation girl? And with summer coming, any plans on altering your foundation routine? Have a great week!


  7. After a week of , it's a relief to finally it's Friday today. This world is spinning out of control and Gotham City is place that falls into the list of cities with something spectacular going on; someone might bump into Hellboy and Starman while the heroes are trying to locate a secret organization with ties to black magic or get a glimpse of a mysterious transaction in a dark alley between the Penguin and Deadshot for the next big attack on the Bat family.
    If you have had a hiatus week, you will understand what I am talking about.

    But even after being in too deep for a couple, is there something to help you walk the line? You know, keeping your head high no matter how much you are struggling to fight for that balance in your life; for me, walking the line means keeping faith that everything will go fine even though that last bomb hitting the Batmobile almost killed Batman and me. Whatsoever, walking the line is a way to keep going even though you feel you need to stop.
    So, walking the line + beauty = x. 

    So, the strange equation above will probably leave you clueless about this review and to clear things up let me give you the solution at once and with no calculator attached. "Walking the line" for us means also, using a lipliner pencil! Lip liner pencils are your go-to products when using bright lipsticks and darker shades in order to make sure that the color stays on and you prevent your lipstick from annoyingly feathering and bleeding. But lip pencils are not only for red lipsticks and other bright shades; by using a lip liner pencil with your lipstick, you improve the results. And we all want a good pout!
    I wanted to buy a light pink lip pencil to match a light pink, kind of nude lipstick I got and I decided to try Make Up For Ever "Aqua Lip" lip liner pencil. Everyone has heard something good about a Make Up For Ever product and especially their foundations and powders are a favorite of a lot of women. With this information in my mind, I set out to find the lip pencil shade that matched my lipstick; with the help of the professionals I tried the "Baby Pink-20C" shade and was happy to see that it matched my lipstick and its pinkish hue made it ideal to pair with more pigmented pink lipsticks too. But let's talk about "Aqua Lip" 's performance; first of all, this is the softest lip liner pencil I have tried and you don't need to apply much pressure to get the perfect result and second, it did perform as well as other lip pencils so to prevent lipstick bleeding. I haven't tried its waterproof formula yet but with summer approaching, this neutral pink shade is perfect for a day in the beach. Also, this lip liner pencil is saliva resistant and can be used on the entire mouth after a nice thick layer of your favorite lip balm.

    Not sure whether this swatch kind of helps you get the idea of the color. 

    You are now leaving Gotham
    I think a lip liner pencil is a little sidekick to every girl who has a soft spot for lipsticks of every shade! Whether you are a classic red lipstick fan or a nude lipstick converter, a lip liner pencil will help make your lipstick stay longer and not stray away! Make Up For Ever "Aqua Lip" lip liner pencil allows you to reshape and emphasize the lip contour and its various shades will sure catch your eye!

    P.S. I wish you all have a great weekend and have time to enjoy the great spring weather! What are your plans and activities for recharging your batteries? Dinner with friends? Some quality time at the beauty counters? No matter what you do, have fun!

  8. Change is good but I prefer it when it happens every once in a while. Like when my father, Ra's al Ghul recruited Batman's help to defeat Qayin, a rogue assassin who murdered my mother, Melisande; then everything was back to normal Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins hunting down the Bat.
    So for this week's Sampling Monday, I will be sharing my thoughts on the three previous Sampling Mondays!
    Are you ready?

    Molton Brown "Coco and sandalwood body wash" : After trying this body wash two times, I liked how the scent of sandalwood filled the bathroom but what made me happier was how soft my skin was after the shower. If you are not a fan of sandalwood scent, I would suggest another body wash because the sandalwood scent is strong.

    Dior "Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara" : I had high hopes for this mascara and they did come true with one little mishap. It made my eyelashes look thicker and voluminous with that ultra curling effect, couldn't be happier about that! And now for the bad news: the mascara didn't stay on my lashes, it smudged and flaked under my eyes making me look like a masked vigilante when I least needed it.

    Estée Lauder "Lip Conditioner" : Since one girl can't have enough lip balms, I am happy to announce that I found the one lip balm that could be the world's greatest balm aka the Batman of balms! I was so pleased to see that this colorless lip conditioner actually conditioned my lips and keep them as moisturized as it can get! Plus, when I used it as a base for my lipstick it even filled my lines and made the lipstick look way better.

    P.S. What was you prediction about the samples? Did you try any of it or something different? And don't forget, have a great week!

  9. It is said that we are creatures of habit. We start adopting little things in our everyday life and turn them into a routine. When it comes to make-up, habits often translate to creating your own "makeup uniform". And I am all for a uniform because it comes with being a superheroine among a family of superheroes. And a uniform comes handy when you want to store your weapons or want some extra protection or just want to look "effortlessly" badass. And when you are next to Batman and Robin, a good uniform is essential.
    And let's face it, who doesn't want to look effortlessly badass?

    Let's talk about a product that is classic and pretty much part in every woman's make-up every once in a while, or in more often. Eyeliner! Winged eyeliner, cat-eye, there are many styles to try and for me the right eyeliner to make it all happen is Bobbi Brown's "Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner". This eyeliner gives you the look of liquid liner with the ease and feel of a gel formula, which makes thing less messy for you, unless you are a veteran of a liquid liner! To apply it, you will need a fine eye liner brush or and an angled eye brush, whichever suits you better. You will need to coat both sides of the brush head to get better results and it doesn't try immediately when you put it on, so you can minimize tiny mistakes.
    With a little bit of luck, there will no eyeliner mistakes!

    First time I applied the eyeliner, I put some extra amount on my angled brush and ended with a thick line that was too much for me; but I let it dry to see how it would turn out and it was just like I had applied a liquid liner. I applied the eyeliner a second time, careful not to overcoat the brush, and it went on really smooth and right on point; it didn't leave any crease or smear and stayed on for as long as five hours (and it would stay on longer but I had to remove my make-up after a late night meeting with Commissioner Gordon). Its packaging is simple but its content is what really matters. Also, there are a variety of shades for you to choose and create something a little different from the classic black cat-eye; I already have a little soft spot for "Sepia Ink", a rich brown shade, and "Cobalt Ink", a dark blue shade, but I will spend some more quality time with "Black Ink".

    You are now leaving Gotham
    This little jar of black may sound too deep for gals who stick to liquid liner but don't avert your eyes at once! Bobbi Brown's "Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner" is a marvelous eyeliner which gives what it says: easy gel application, liquid line finish and durability. Just grab a fine eye brush or angled brush and I think you will love  it!

    P.S. But now let's be honest, are you a liquid eyeliner gal or a gel eyeliner with a brush? How have you mastered the cat-eye? Also, someone told me that if you want your gel liners not to dry over time, be sure to store them upside down!