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  1. Change is good but I prefer it when it happens every once in a while. Like when my father, Ra's al Ghul recruited Batman's help to defeat Qayin, a rogue assassin who murdered my mother, Melisande; then everything was back to normal Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins hunting down the Bat.
    So for this week's Sampling Monday, I will be sharing my thoughts on the three previous Sampling Mondays!
    Are you ready?

    Molton Brown "Coco and sandalwood body wash" : After trying this body wash two times, I liked how the scent of sandalwood filled the bathroom but what made me happier was how soft my skin was after the shower. If you are not a fan of sandalwood scent, I would suggest another body wash because the sandalwood scent is strong.

    Dior "Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara" : I had high hopes for this mascara and they did come true with one little mishap. It made my eyelashes look thicker and voluminous with that ultra curling effect, couldn't be happier about that! And now for the bad news: the mascara didn't stay on my lashes, it smudged and flaked under my eyes making me look like a masked vigilante when I least needed it.

    Estée Lauder "Lip Conditioner" : Since one girl can't have enough lip balms, I am happy to announce that I found the one lip balm that could be the world's greatest balm aka the Batman of balms! I was so pleased to see that this colorless lip conditioner actually conditioned my lips and keep them as moisturized as it can get! Plus, when I used it as a base for my lipstick it even filled my lines and made the lipstick look way better.

    P.S. What was you prediction about the samples? Did you try any of it or something different? And don't forget, have a great week!

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