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  1.  Monday went by and having my hands full with Two-Face running around Gotham, deciding on good or evil deeds with the help of his special coin, I didn't brief you about this Sampling Monday. Being a caped hero, a mother, a wife and a beauty blogger is a pleasure for me but I apologise for the lack of content uploading. I will make it up to you!
    So, are we once again beauty sidekicks?

    And for the sake of Sampling Monday, let's pretend it's Monday and get on with this week's sample! Spygal, the smooth secret operator and her faithful secret weapon "The Porefessional" are here to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines and give your skin a smoother-than-smooth look! Porefessional's translucent formula compliments every skin tone and its oil free formula does not clog your skin! It can applied after your moisturiser and before your foundation or over make-up when those pores re-appear! And this sample has some food for thought to offer! It comes with a comic book with Spygal's latest adventure and two guest stars to help Spygal in keeping the Porefessional formula safe and sound from villains! So, grab your copy, try this sample and read on! Let's see how this secret weapon, "The Porefessional" fights off pores!


    P.S. Hope you have a great week! What is your secret make-up weapon saving your look?

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