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  1. After a week of , it's a relief to finally it's Friday today. This world is spinning out of control and Gotham City is place that falls into the list of cities with something spectacular going on; someone might bump into Hellboy and Starman while the heroes are trying to locate a secret organization with ties to black magic or get a glimpse of a mysterious transaction in a dark alley between the Penguin and Deadshot for the next big attack on the Bat family.
    If you have had a hiatus week, you will understand what I am talking about.

    But even after being in too deep for a couple, is there something to help you walk the line? You know, keeping your head high no matter how much you are struggling to fight for that balance in your life; for me, walking the line means keeping faith that everything will go fine even though that last bomb hitting the Batmobile almost killed Batman and me. Whatsoever, walking the line is a way to keep going even though you feel you need to stop.
    So, walking the line + beauty = x. 

    So, the strange equation above will probably leave you clueless about this review and to clear things up let me give you the solution at once and with no calculator attached. "Walking the line" for us means also, using a lipliner pencil! Lip liner pencils are your go-to products when using bright lipsticks and darker shades in order to make sure that the color stays on and you prevent your lipstick from annoyingly feathering and bleeding. But lip pencils are not only for red lipsticks and other bright shades; by using a lip liner pencil with your lipstick, you improve the results. And we all want a good pout!
    I wanted to buy a light pink lip pencil to match a light pink, kind of nude lipstick I got and I decided to try Make Up For Ever "Aqua Lip" lip liner pencil. Everyone has heard something good about a Make Up For Ever product and especially their foundations and powders are a favorite of a lot of women. With this information in my mind, I set out to find the lip pencil shade that matched my lipstick; with the help of the professionals I tried the "Baby Pink-20C" shade and was happy to see that it matched my lipstick and its pinkish hue made it ideal to pair with more pigmented pink lipsticks too. But let's talk about "Aqua Lip" 's performance; first of all, this is the softest lip liner pencil I have tried and you don't need to apply much pressure to get the perfect result and second, it did perform as well as other lip pencils so to prevent lipstick bleeding. I haven't tried its waterproof formula yet but with summer approaching, this neutral pink shade is perfect for a day in the beach. Also, this lip liner pencil is saliva resistant and can be used on the entire mouth after a nice thick layer of your favorite lip balm.

    Not sure whether this swatch kind of helps you get the idea of the color. 

    You are now leaving Gotham
    I think a lip liner pencil is a little sidekick to every girl who has a soft spot for lipsticks of every shade! Whether you are a classic red lipstick fan or a nude lipstick converter, a lip liner pencil will help make your lipstick stay longer and not stray away! Make Up For Ever "Aqua Lip" lip liner pencil allows you to reshape and emphasize the lip contour and its various shades will sure catch your eye!

    P.S. I wish you all have a great weekend and have time to enjoy the great spring weather! What are your plans and activities for recharging your batteries? Dinner with friends? Some quality time at the beauty counters? No matter what you do, have fun!

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