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  1. Mondays can be a bit irritating, especially after a weekend full of run-ins with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, who tried to cause as much mayhem as they could; quality time with Damian and Bruce is rewarding but never enough to keep things quiet for some time.
    The pains of being a superhero wife.

    Just kidding, life's good at the Wayne Mansion and just to spice up things why don't we play a game called Sampling Monday? 
    What is Sampling Monday?
    I suggest we face the dawn of a new week with a sample of a product we haven't tried before, as a way to change our beauty routine, try products that have been on our radar for a while and get excited about something! We can share our experiences, new product crushes or disappointments we have with something!

    For the first Sampling Monday, I have got the Molton Brown "Coco and sandalwood body wash"; I have known Molton Brown for some time, and after trying their hand lotion I wanted to try something different from their wide range of products. "Coco and sandalwood body wash" has a sweet scent and I can't wait to try it!

    So, which product are you giving a try at the moment or what do you want to try? Also, would you want a full review of this Monday's sample?

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