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  1. Every once in a while you feel like you need something or someone to rely on; maybe it is a friend to hear you out or a very good make-up to stay where it should all day without you checking it every 10 minutes. Personally, I felt like I needed a product that would make sure that my eyeshadow stayed put no matter if I had to to spend a few hours teaching Damian Martial Arts or have to save the ransacked and clobbered Gotham City from Harley Quinn and her best friend, Poison Ivy.
    So, what's going to give you that extra stay?

    Let's say you don't just need something you can trust but you need a little extra, like something that can be used on its own and cover the redness of your upper eyelids. 
    Does this all hit a nerve?

    If it does, then let me introduce you to MAC Cosmetics's "Pro Longwear Paint Pot" in "Painterly". Accidentally, I zoomed into this paint pot intrigued by the fact I have never payed it attention before; then I went on to try it on my palm and was impressed by its creaminess and how easily it blended. I am not used to cream eyeshadows but this one called for me! I tried "Painterly" on my upper eyelids and I found that it totally hid the natural redness my eyelids usually have but it also didn't feel heavy or look cakey; it matched perfectly my skin tone and gave a fresh, relaxed look. But that is not the end! This certain shade, "Painterly", can be used as a base/primer to help your eyeshadows work better and stay longer. There are other shades that work as well on their own as with eyeshadows applied on top of them.

    Painterly: nude beige.

    You are now leaving Gotham
    MAC's "Pro Longwear Paint Pot" is a  highly pigmented eye color that works as an eyeshadow and a primer at the same time, whether you want to use it on its own or as base. This creamy eyeshadow will save you a lot of application time while delivering a vibrant finish that can be combined with any eyeshadow. Sky's the limit girl and you have a lot of color options! And don't forget, this eyeshadow can be applied without a brush and personally I feel I control better the blending.

    P.S. Have a happy Easter! I wish the best to all of you and your families and hope you have a great time! What are your plans for the day? Family lunch and then some needed relaxation? I know, I will be patrolling the streets with Batman because someone said there might be a couple of egg-surprises from the Mad Hatter. Who knows? But as for you, I wish you a great time!

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