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  1. Even though Gotham is a big city with lot of things to offer to its citizens and its vigilantes who protect it from its villains, sometimes you want to get out of it. Whether it is a business trip to Metropolis to be with Bruce for an interview on "Daily Planet" about Wayne Industries using alternative energies, or a trip down the ocean to help Aquaman, a little escape from Gotham is great.
    Who doesn't want to travel around the world?

    If the boys and girls here in Gotham plan to stay quiet for a few days, I think I will board the very first jet to Paris and visit a beauty store like no other.

    "Buly", in 6 rue Bonaparte Paris, is a beauty store that opened a few weeks ago but has roots deeper in time. Jean-Vincent Bully opened this boutique in 1803 and quickly gained reputation for his unique perfumes and scented vinegars. After a long long time, more than two hundred years,  Victoire de Taillac and Ramdane Touhami, partners in life, re-vamped the perfume brand by slightly altering the name, taking away a 'l', and introduced "L'Officine universelle Buly" to the world and beauty lovers.

    "L'Officine universelle Buly" products vary from  personal and atmospheric perfumes to skin care concoctions for the face and body, inviting you on a journey through hundred materials from across the world and the stories of past generation's beauty secrets.

    But let's get to know a bit the people who re-created "Buly". Ramdane Touhami is an entrepreneur and art director. After working with Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche and Liberty, he masterminded the rebirth of the ancient Maison Cire Trudon, for which among other things he created novel and now-illustrious interior “smells”. He was also the inventor of the odoriferous ritual of bell-covered candles. Thanks to his impetus, and to the renewal of its image and range, Cire Trudon has been an international success, its products now available in 58 countries. A proficient connoisseur of cosmetics and an expert on the history of beauty and femininity, Victoire de Taillac is familiar with all beauty care products as well as traditional beauty secrets. In partnership with Ramdane Touhami, she launched Parfumerie Générale, the first alternative cosmetics store in France. Victoire is also the co-founder with Ramdane Touhami of Corpus Magazine, a yearly and bilingual publication on beauty of the bodily and spiritual kind.

    For the time traveller inside you or the beauty addict that is looking for something different, pure and out of old books, this shop is for you. There is surely something fancy waiting for you to discover at "Buly", and if you get there before me, please share with us your experience and maybe what product you gave a new home?
    Merci mille fois to the Buly team for the photos and the information they sent us! We wish you the best of luck!

    Photographs by Alexandre Guirkinger
    "L'Officine universelle Buly", 6 rue Bonaparte, 75006, Paris, France.
    "L'Officine universelle Buly" website                               

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