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  1. Review: Benefit Cosmetics "Fakeup"

    Saturday, April 12, 2014

    There is something unique about staying up late. You can go out with friends, drink cocktails and talk about how your colleagues are bothering you everyday at work or you can stay in with your husband and son in front of the fireplace while Alfred serves you the most delicious pastrami sandwich you have ever had; then again, you might be spending the night in the Batmobile chasing Joker's goons and trying to put an end to his latest scheme. But frankly, no matter how you spend your nights there is a common pattern waiting for you in the morning when you wake up. Dark circles are looking at your reflection reminding you of the great/hard time you had last night and you are left with your best friend aka the concealer to save the day.

    But are you happy with your concealer?
    Personally, I had a hard time with concealers in the past. Maybe because I overdo it with the whole superhero routine, my dark circles are big and most concealers kind of cover them up but the area under my eyes gets dry. So now I had a mission to look for a concealer that would both hide my dark circles and moisturize so it could last longer and not stray away. I did a bit of research in the endless aisles of the beauty stores of Gotham and the task wasn't easy until I saw the potential of Benefit Cosmetics's "Fakeup" to be a daring sidekick to my beauty endeavors.

    "Fakeup",contains Vitamin E and apple seed extract and aims to hide dark circles, diffuse fine line, hydrate the under eye area and promises to deliver an ultra-natural look.
    So, did it work?

    I was quite hesitant about this concealer application at first, because it looks like a lipstick but with a twist. Its core is filled with the color that covers your dark circles and its outer part is a transparent hydrating substance to give you what you asked for! And boy, it did what it said! The girl at Benefit's beauty counter applied the "01 Light" shade, blended it with her ring finger and I was taken at how good my dark circles were gone. Also, the formula was so light that I felt like I didn't wear any concealer at all! There is a new superhero in town girls and this one fights the hardest of crimes: dark circles!

    "Fakeup" and its cute packaging.

    Is it lipstick? Is it concealer?

    You are now leaving Gotham
    Benefit's "Fakeup" is not your usual concealer but if you are looking for something both concealing and hydrating, you could consider this as your next purchase! It hides, it moisturizes, it lasts! And here it is the superconcealer's punchline, haha. The only negative comment I have to make is about the shades being limited but I hope they will come up with shades to compliment every skin tone soon.

    P.S. So, which concealer are you gals using? Or do you need a concealer or not? Have you tried "Fakeup"? I am waiting for your comments and also your suggestions about the reviews! Do you want swatches. demoes, or something else? Talia Wayne, wife, mother,superhero and beauty blogger is here for you!

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