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  1. Hey there, still alive after yesterday's extravagant meal? It's that time of the week, Monday, but I think it's safe to say that it is a "good" Monday if there is such a thing as a "good Monday". After Mr Bats successfully averted Mad Hatter's plans for a crisis in Easter, the Wayne family had time to spend some time enjoying Alfred's deviled eggs. But I know you are wondering the same thing.
    What's this Monday's sample?

    A dramatic superheroine needs one thing in her make-up. Or two, or three, oh well she needs a lot of things to be honest, but let's focus on one for the time being. Mascara. Who doesn't need spectacularly shaped lashes to face the day and any other thing that might come up? So, I got a sample from Dior's "Diorshow Iconic Overcurl" mascara to try its incurved brush, that is modelled after professional eyelash curlers and delivers extreme curl for your lashes! We will see how many of its promises this mascara keeps!

    Sexy curve(s)

    Are you planning to relax for the rest of the day and fill those batteries for tomorrow? And what is that sample you have there next to your eye cream? (Hope that last bit didn't sound very creepy, hehe).Have a great Monday and a great week!

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