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  1. Review: Clinique "Anti-Blemish Solutions"

    Thursday, August 28, 2014

    There are some things that go away for some time and then re-appear for good or worse. Blemishes, dryness, long nails, clean skin. Or like a memory of an old flame of Bruce, Jezebel Jet, coming back to remind to the Wayne and Batman family what it was, what traps it fell for and what it became in the future.
    For good or bad, we learn from our mistakes.

    So, a personal problem that disappears and appears again is blemishes; my face has not entirely got rid of blemishes and every once in a while I get a breakout that is a bummer. I decided to try a new cleanser and purchased the Clinique "Anti-Blemish Solutions", a cleansing foam targeted for acne. This cleanser works immediately to help clear and prevent acne; the foam formula of this cleanser is gentle for the complexion but at the same time removes the dirt and excess oil. The usual culprit behind acne is excess oil but it is hard to spot a cleanser that does the job and does not leave the skin dry and dull; this gentle cleansing foam cleans off the extra oil the complexion has and unclogs pores making more and more blackheads disappear with each application.
    I wanted to buy a cleanser that would not be too harsh on my skin and I was suggested a foam formula cleanser due to their benefit of not drying the skin and the easy application; after some time of using the "Anti- Blemish Solutions", my skin has witnessed a big reduction in blemishes and I love how fresh I feel after application. The scent of the cleanser reminds me a little bit of tea tree oil but overall I love how it brings to my mind the "clean" sense. The "Anti-Blemish Solutions" cleansing foam was a big change compared to the usual cleansers I used and I am happy to say that it did something for my problematic blemish situation.

    You are now leaving Gotham
    Acne is a trouble that everyone has faced once or a couple of times in their lives but a really good cleanser is a big help in dealing with this problem. Clinique's "Anti-Blemish Solutions" is a foam cleanser, which is a great solution for gently cleaning the skin, removing dirt and excess oil and unclogging the pores; its foam formula does not leave the skin dry but fresh, clean and ready for the moisturiser!

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