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  1. There have been times in my life that I have used the word "enough". "There is not enough time for us to save Gotham City", "There are not enough assassins to take down Batman", "There is not enough bread for me to prepare Damian's snack, Alfred"  and many many other lines in which the word "enough" was trying to outline how on the edge things are.
    Enough is enough; how many times has a human have to use this phrase in a lifetime?

    But let's be clear on one thing; a girl cannot have enough lipsticks and stumbling upon Lipstick Queen, I think I have found a lipstick fantasy come true. Lipstick Queen is a cruelty-free lipstick brand created by Poppy King, who in her pursuit to find the perfect lipstick decided to take things into her hands and create it herself. Lipstick Queen offers many different lipsticks, like the classic, luxurious and pigmented-rich "Velvet Rope" line or the perfect-for-the-summer "Endless Summer" lipsticks that protect your lips from the sun and keep them hydrated and bright. For my first Lipstick Queen purchase, I chose to buy a lipstick from the "Butterfly Ball" line; the lipsticks from this line are sheer as a butterfly wing with a beautiful hint of shimmer and iridescence when they catch the light. The formula of the lipstick is soft and moisturising to keep your lips hydrated and the blue pearls contained in each shade flatter your lips and make your teeth appear whiter.
    I selected the "Moment" shade, which is a shimmering red that flatters my natural lip colour, since it is kind of similar to that colour, and makes my lips look effortlessly posh; I think that my teeth appeared a tiny bit whiter, but I might have been the only one taking note if it. The aloe vera, vitamin E, C and B really take hydration a bit further and keep your lips conditioned and moisturised at all times. The only drawback that I could say for this lipstick, if I had to say one, would be that because this is a sheer formula, you might need to re-apply it often. But this is such an easy lipstick to use that you do not need a lip pencil or even a mirror to apply; just go straight from the bullet and the job is done! Let's not forget to say that this lipstick can be used on its own or on top of another lip colour to enhance it or add a totally different finish to it; so the customization game is on! Last but not least, the packaging is so cool and avant-garde, if I may say, that it will catch people's attention and your lipstick will be the talk of the present company!


    You are now leaving Gotham
    Lipstick Queen "Butterly Ball" lipsticks are sheer, ultra moisturising lipsticks that will give you a iridescent, shimmery lip colour that even butterflies would be jealous for! There are seven different shades, each one packed with ingredients that will condition your lips and give you a finish that will make your teeth to appear whiter, whether they used on their own or as a topcoat to give a shimmery finish to another lipstick.

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