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  1. Sorry for another belated "Sampling Monday" post! Autumn has officially arrived but the laziness that accompanied summer is not completely gone. Long naps in the afternoon and even longer night sessions of "hide and seek" in the alleys of Gotham pursuing Clayface, are among the activities that keep my personal routine nice and joyous.
    A routine can be a good thing if you are feeling lazy enough to stick with it.

    This "Sampling Monday" features Kiehl's "Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream", a cream that is designed to significantly reduce wrinkles, smooth skin texture and minimize pores. I was given this sample, even though my wrinkles are minimum, as a way to reduce the possibility of wrinkles appearing soon. The powerful combination of micronutrients, Copper PCA and Calcium PCA in this cream, have shown an improvement in the skin's elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles; other skin problems, like big pores, are also treated from this formula. Since I am a person with a big pores problem, this sample might do the trick; and let's not hush the fact of some precaution against wrinkles. Will this do the trick?

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