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  1. Review: Benefit Cosmetics "Brow Zings"

    Tuesday, September 9, 2014

    There are times that even if I am too bored or too tired to apply full make-up, there is one thing that I will still do, whether it's just lipstick, mascara or just filling in my brows. When time is of essence, like trying to make it on time to save Commissioner Gordon from falling into the hands of El Sombrero, getting to do one thing is all you can do.
    So, I may not be all ready and fabulous, but I get to do one thing each time.

    So, a product that I love using even when I am not prepared but with SPF, to face the world outside is Benefit Cosmetics "Brow Zings". I wasn't really big in filling in my brows with any products because my brows are already a bit thick (thanks to years of not plucking them) and I thought that this was a luxury that wasn't for me. But after a brow waxing session at the local Benefit beauty counter, in order to get arched 40's-50's eyebrows that I fell in love with after watching too many noir films, I was given a try at "Brow Zings" and was left awestruck. My newly shaped eyebrows resembled the strong eyebrows that vintage starlets sported and the filling in really accentuated the arch; I immediately decided to buy the brow kit and take care of my eyebrows. "Brow Zings" is a brow kit that comes in three shades to match your skin and hair tone, and contains a pigmented wax for shaping, a natural-shaded powder for setting, a hard angle brush, a blending brush and a small tweezers to take care of those stray eyebrow hair while on the run. To start to fill in the eyebrows, you begin with dipping the hard angle brush in the wax and with small strokes, start to define and shape your brows; when you are done with that, you take the blending brush and apply the setting powder, to fill in any areas that are sparse and make the brows look fuller and more even.
    What I personally like in this brow kit is that both the wax and setting powder are pigmented enough so it takes little to quantity of product to get the full, strong eyebrow look you want. I got the "medium" shade and it matches good my hair colour and complexion without making my eyebrows seem too unnatural; for a more "natural" look, I like to take a small round brush like a mascara wand, to brush my eyebrows and dispense the extra colour and give the illusion of naturally thick brows. The tweezers included in this kit are not good for me, being too small and me being not comfortable with the grip of it, and I would suggest an improvement in it or not including at all. 
    Also, a major problem that might keep me from buying "Brow Zings" again, even though I love it, is the fact that among the ingredients of it are parabens; in the past, I didn't bother looking into products ingredients but lately I am trying to be on the lookout for products with parabens and it hurt me when I saw that "Brow Zings" have them too. Here's to hoping that this product gets released in the future without the addition of parabens!

    You are now leaving Gotham
    Whether you are experiencing the "Cara Delevigne" effect of full and strong brows or you are looking to achieve the perfect arched brow, a big change in the eyebrow game is filling them in! "Brown Zings" by Benefit Cosmetics is an amazing brow kit that contains pigmented wax and setting powder to help you define, shape, fill in sparse areas and lock brows in place, and small tweezers to take remove any stray hair; you can use the wax or powder on their own or combined to achieve best results or more "natural" looking. It's all up to you!

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