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  1. Another week is kicking off and what better way to start than trying something new! The heat is rising over here and this heatwave does not seem to slowdown Victor Zsasz's hunting/killing spree; if I had a call in which villain runs free in the streets of Gotham right now, I would definitely suggest Mr. Freeze for the weather.
    Maybe, the heat is finally getting to my brains.

    High temperatures can fool one's senses but I will never go crazy over the value of a moisturiser. My latest moisturiser crush is Maria Galland "Intensive Hydrating Cream 96" and I got a sample after bumping into the beautician of the brand in the store and recommending I try this cream because my skin looked kind of dry. The "Intensive Hydrating Cream 96" contains vitamin A, vitamin E to regenerate cells and UV filter to protect the skin against external factors and premature ageing; its rich and cool texture is rapidly absorbed and gives your complexion a fresh look, smoothing lines caused by dryness. I completely fell head over heels with this moisturiser and I can't wait to see how it treats my dryness in the summer craze.

    P.S. How are you handling the high temperatures? A nice bath in the beach or curled up at home with the A/C blasting?

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    1. Anonymous said...

      Nice find! Here there isn't much heat to tolerate. It's not even 20°C and it rained pretty much all day. Had a thunderstorm even. 'Yay summer!'

    2. Talia Wayne said...

      Yeah, it really is a great cream and perfect for any weather to be honest! Oh I am so jealous of low temperatures and rain! Too much heat can be irritating.

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