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  1. Review: Max Factor "Lipfinity"

    Friday, July 18, 2014

    Sometimes you need something to accompany you 24 hours and not worry about it leaving or staining or whatever. It's no easy task running around and keeping in mind to check your lipstick and see how it goes. Take Lois Lane for example; she works hard to catch the news, write articles and be Clark Kent's girl and Superman's sweetheart while trying to stay out of trouble's way.
    So, a good staying product is the one that might keep that mirror in the cosmetics case.

    So, if you are interested in finding a lipstick that stays with you more than you ever though of possible, Max Factor "Lipfinity" is what will do the job. This is a formula that stays on for 24 hours but it is not the usual lipstick that you apply from the bullet and go; "Lipfinity" comes with two products, one gloss that contains the colour and one balm to keep your lips hydrated and give a luscious shine. Now the secret for the application is to first apply the colour to your lips, wait for one minute to dry while keeping your lips parted and then apply the balm; once you have completed these steps, you are ready to go! The colour will stay on for much time and whenever you feel your lips dry or want to refresh them, you can apply the balm and ensure the colour lasts longer. I have a weakness for corals so I chose to try the "Ever More Radiant" shade, which is coral orange-y and perfect for the summer. Personally, I put this formula to hard tests and it kind of passed; though most of the colour faded away after eating, drinking and eating again, it delivered better than I expected it.

     You are now leaving Gotham
    Max Factor "Lipfinity" is a revolutionary product that is great for the lip fan in every gal. With two products, one to give the colour and one to moisturise the lips, this lip colour will give you a long lasting result and shades that will impress you and the people around you.

    P.S. TGIF! Happy weekend to all! Do you like long lasting products or do you prefer to control your make-up and re-apply when it's needed?

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    1. Anonymous said...

      Yep, these rrrrreally last! Covergirl has a similar product.

    2. Talia Wayne said...

      Thanks for the tip! I will check out also Covergirl's similar product and see the shades they offer too! But this is just too good of a lip product!

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