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  1. Summertime is time to get as colourful as you can/want! I find it that summer is the season to try trends that you wouldn't try any other time and actually like them! I am a conservative make-up fan and I tend to cling on classic products and shades, not risking to go out of my comfort zone; but in life I am also conservative but thanks to Mr Bats I took a huge leap faith and turned my life upside down but I got to keep my assassin identity.
    Sometimes you need someone to help you risk a bit further.

    Something that helped me get out of my comfort zone was once again MAC Cosmetics. The new nail collection "Nail Transformation" features 3 studio nail lacquers and 4 different products that transform the nail colour you have already applied into something different; there is a shadow topcoat that gives any studio nail lacquer shade a smoky glow, a texturizer topcoat that adds a leather effect, a highlighter that illuminates nail colour with sheer, pearlescent shades of blue and a liquid pigment topcoat that highlights and illuminates nail colour with three different sheer, pearlescent shades in pink, green or gold. Every product in this collection is eye-catching but the products that I decided to take with me home were the "Highlighter" and the "Liquid Pigments" in Pink and Green Pearl. 
    The Highlighter is a sheer, pearlescent blue topcoat that can be applied on top of any nail polish you have applied on your nails; the result is an illuminated blue shade coming from within, giving a whole different finish than what your nail polish looked without the topcoat. I found that two coats of this topcoat work best, but you can apply more if you want the result to be vibrant.
    The "Liquid Pigments" in Pink and Green Pearl are very much like the "Highlighter"; they are sheer, pearlescent topcoats but offer an illuminated shade of pink and green accordingly. They give the glow from within effect and work well with every nail polish.
    Even though most of my nail polishes are matte, I went on to try most of them with every topcoat. I paired H&M nail polish "Popsicle Purple" with the "Highlighter", and the pearlescent blue shades matched exceptionally the light purple colour.Next, I applied the "Highlighter" and the "Liquid Pigment-Pink Pearl" on top of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish "260-So Much Fawn" and the result is a beautiful dark salmon pink colour with blue and pink pearlscent shades that also appear purple at times. For my last nail polish and topcoat experiment, I paired China Glaze nail lacquer "616-Inner Beauty" with the "Liquid Pigment-Green Pearl" and the result was a neutral beige with green pearlscent stealing the spotlight!
    Overall, I think these topcoats are a great investment if you want to give a twist to your nail polish collection and the combinations you can create with are many and fun! Another benefit is that these topcoats speed up the time for the nail polish to dry and seal in the colour. 

    From left to right: "Highlighter", "Liquid Pigment-Pink Pearl", "Liquid Pigment-Green Pearl"

    From left to right: H&M "Popsicle Purple" nail polish with the "Highligher", Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "260-So Much Fawn" with the "Highlighter" and the "Liquid Pigment-Pink Pearl", China Glaze nail lacquer "616-Inner Beauty" with the "Liquid Pigment- Green Pearl".

    You are now leaving Gotham
    If you are looking for new ways to incorporate some colour to your life, the "Highlighter" and "Liquid Pigments" in Pink and Green Pearl will bring your nail polish collection a big transformation! Each topcoat offers a different effect, with pearlscent shades of blue, pink and green that can be used on their own or combined with each other; the topcoat colour games is on and you can do whatever you like! The formula is buildable, but two coats of each product will surely give you a finish that is unique and that helps to dry the nail base colour faster. Feel adventurous? Try these topcoats then!

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