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  1. Reading and Wearing Make-Up #2

    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    So, some of your reading this might be in the San Diego Comic-Con and having the time of your lives! Hurrah for you and have some fun for me too! But I am here, in the Wayne Manor, chilling and having a last minute pedicure before heading to the Batcave; and while the polish is drying, here's the second installment of "Reading and Wearing Make-Up"!
    Who's excited to read about beauty before hitting the comic booths?

    A personal favourite and new comic series is Dark Horse Comics "Dream Thief"; in the first 5-issue story arc of the series, we meet John Lincoln, who after stealing an Aboriginal mask from a museum, gets possessed by vengeful spirits while asleep; the spirits that possess John's body and mind, pass to John their memories and unique skills in order to extract their revenge. At the end of the first volume of "Dream Thief", John comes face to face with another man who possesses the same "gift" as him and a big secret about John's past is revealed. This summer, the new Dream Thief story "Dream Thief: Escape", takes us back to Lincoln's nocturnal adventures and his search into what really is that makes him unique and what lurks in his past for his to uncover. What surprises will Lincoln face in his endeavour to stay awake and not surrender himself to sleep?

    Since Dream Thief is wearing a badass Aboriginal mask when executing his supernatural duties, I thought that a beauty mask would work with the mask theme. So, I put on Sephora's "Rose mask- moisturising & brightening", which is a natural fiber mask mask with rose extract to moisturise skin for a radiant appearance, and did my best vigilante impression; my skin loved it! 

     P.S. Are you a fan of masks? Clay masks, yoghurt masks, fiber masks? Also, will you be going to San Diego?

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    1. Anonymous said...

      Oh Comic-Con, how fun! It's a bit far for me, but if I lived in the US I'd so go!

    2. Talia Wayne said...

      Yeah Comic-Con looks like an amazing convention but it's so far. But it's a lifetime dream to go there!

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