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  1. Reading and Wearing Make-Up #1

    Tuesday, July 1, 2014

    When I have some free time, I like to catch up with my comic book subscriptions. But just because I am relaxing indoors with a comic book does not mean I can't apply some lipstick, right?
    Or am I the only person weird enough to apply make-up and catch up on Hellboy's adventures?

    So, we have a new series of articles in which I will show you  the comics books I am reading and the lipstick or other beauty product I am rocking while reading. For our first "Reading and Wearing Make-Up", we have "Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland" from Dark Horse Comics. Sir Edward Grey was a nineteenth century paranormal investigator and was first mentioned in "Hellboy: Wake The Devil". Since then, there have been stories about his adventures with paranormal mysteries but in this new series we see Sir Edward Grey travelling to the city of Hallam to solve a mysterious death. Hallam is famous for the production of a health elixir called "Poole's Elixir" and this is the first crime ever committed in the little town. Who is the murderer? Why are eels so important to this community? And why do foul creatures attack Edward Grey in the middle of the night, asking him to leave or stay and die? Pick this up at your local comic book store and entice your curiosity!

    If you look closely at the comic book cover you will notice a red band on the top saying "20 years of Hellboy" and you can also see MAC "Lady Danger" lipstick too. Red band, Hellboy's birthday asks for a red lipstick! "Lady Danger" is a matte vivid bright coral-red lipstick, which might seem a little dry to some but the colour is unique.

    P.S. What do you think of our column? Do you apply make-up and stay home doing chores or just relaxing?

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