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  1. It's better late than ever to wish to all American readers happy 4th of July! I hope you all had a fun time and enough time to relax from celebrations. Sundays are usually days that I tend to wake up late in an effort to make up for the late nights spent chasing Killer Croc in the sewers of Gotham City. And you know, sewers are not a place for a girl like me but it pays to think that I have a warm bath waiting for me when I get home.
    A soothing, relaxing bath time never hurt anyone.

    But if stress has taken its toll on you and you need something extra to help you relax, the "Divine Calm Relaxing Massage Oil" by the Body Shop is what you are looking for. This is a massage oil that contains essential oils of lavender and camomile, a combination that will soothe and refresh you after a long day. Lavender and camomile are known to have soothing and relaxing effects and the smell is strong but not too much to be overwhelming. The sweet almond oil is also a beneficial ingredient that softens and moisturises the skin. To apply the massage oil, you warm a few drops in your palms and massage into the body; the oil is kind of thick but a few drops will do the trick. After using a couple of times after a late night shower, I noticed that it helped me relax and made me sleep easier; lavender and camomile also help to fight insomnia, so if this massage also put you to sleep.

    You are now leaving Gotham
    If you are stressed out and your relaxation levels are meeting a new low, Body Shop's "Divine Calm Relaxing Massage Oil" will aid you to calm and scare away any psychological pressure that builds up in the end of the day. This rich oil and the lavender, camomile it contains will seal the relaxation factor and the sweet almond oil will hydrate your skin. And for our insomniac readers, this oil might help you go to sleep easier. All hail lavender and camomile!

    P.S. How was your 4th of July? Did you have fun with family, friends and fireworks? And for our international readers, how was your Friday and Saturday?

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