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  1. After a short summer vacation, we are back! With Gotham's crime waves hitting a kind of low level, Bruce, Damian and I decided to take a vacation and experience the underwater Atlantis with Aquaman and Mera. The sea always relaxes and soothes your nerves and if you are always on the edge like the Wayne family is, there is nothing salt and water won't help you forget.
    Sink or swim, the sea is your friend.

    Sea and sun are a great duo but I kind of prefer the sea because is beneficial for the skin and who doesn't like the waves your hair gets from sea water? It is an effortless hair look to sport but in the end of the day you will kiss those waves goodbye and go back to your shiny and great hair; but let's keep this between you and me, wouldn't it be great if you could keep those beach waves for a little longer? Well, Bumble and Bumble created the Surf hair line to give us the beach, surf, cool waves that we dream of! This Sampling Monday we have the Surf shampoo and conditioner to try and see how they deliver the effortless waves look. On the one hand, the shampoo is ideal for every hair type and the clean-rinsing formula wipes out impurities and makes way for buoyant body and soft, seabreezy texture and on the other hand, the lightweight conditioning rinse imparts airy softness and texture. Maybe this might be the secret for to regaining that perfect Atlantis hair look that Mera's rocking!

    P.S. Did you have a quick vacation to take your mind away? Are you a fan of beachy waves?

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