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  1. Fierce is a great way to compliment a woman's features and make-up. A compliment in general is good for you, your karma and the person you have across you. Personally, even though we are on opposite sides with Catwoman, I can't pretend this girl's outfit, hair and all is not badass and gorgeous; as long as her claws are not in Batman's proximity, I am willing to say one or two things about her and then bash her as far as it can get.
    There is a limit to fierce for me. How about you?

    So, in the fierce meter there is something  that hits the jackpot and that is eyebrows! For me there is nothing as great as arched eyebrows to compliment your face, give a more youthful impression and pay an homage to the old Hollywood days. Dames in the 50's sported an arch that made sure to match their face and give that hypnotising result. Today, brows are big again but there are so many choices to choose from; bushy eyebrows, thin eyebrows, straight lined eyebrows but I think that the arched eyebrows are the most classic and flattering choice. Or maybe I love it too much and I am unconsciously trying to convert you too; sorry if I sound like that. But I am a noob at maintaining my eyebrow shape and a little extra help is something I need to create the right shape according to my face. And this is where Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow stencils come in to save the day! These eyebrow stencils are crafted of pliable plastic are durable, easy to use and clean and there are four different types for you to choose from; there is petite arch, slim high arch, medium arch, high arch and full arch. The idea behind the application of this is simple but I will tell you a little bit about it. First of all, you need to align your stencil cutout to your eyebrow paying attention to placing the stencil according to point A, which is the point through the center of your nostril directly up to where it intersects the end point of the stencil cutout and point B, which is the point through the edge of the nose diagonally to the opposite end of the stencil cutout. It sounds a bit complicated but it is not that bad. After you have placed the stencil, you fill your eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil, shadow, pomade, or whatever suits you, gently remove the stencil and tweeze the brow hair that is outside the area you have filled in. This is an ideal whether you want to create the classic arched eyebrow look or maintain the general upkeep of the brows after a brow wax/tweezing session. I have purchased the medium arch just to try how it delivered and I was delighted to see that it was easier than what I anticipated and I will be trying the full and high arch once I have used all stencils (each pack contains 5 stencils for each eyebrow).

    You are now leaving Gotham
    Anastasia Beverly Hills "Brow Stencils" are a great way to maintain your eyebrows at home and easily achieve the classic arched eyebrows on your own. With five different types or arches, there is one waiting for you to try it and be fabulous while people continuously compliment your eyebrows!

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