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  1. With summer temperatures rising up and the heat become kind of a burden, we tend to make our beauty routines as light as possible and only make with the necessary products. For me, lipstick and eye shadow are two products that can totally transform your look and summer is the season for bold colours! If Mister Freeze could keep the climate here in Gotham cool, I would not have to worry about transitioning my make-up to summer.
    But summer calls for a change!

    Products with light texture, long lasting results and vibrant finish are my go-to for summer and if I can skip the primer, I will! So, a great eye shadow that delivers a vibrant finish, is easy to apply and offers many shades to play with is Shiseido's "Shimmering Cream Eye Colour". This is a lightweight cream eye shadow with a radiant, lustrous finish that goes without smudging or creasing; you can apply it with your fingertips for a more natural and smooth look or with your brush for a more defined look. I am amazed with how smooth this eye shadow is and I love that depending on the look you want to achieve, a more natural or a more glamorous, you can build up the product without feeling too cakey; the more product you use, the more solid the colour becomes, but it won. As for the stay, this eye shadow is long lasting and it keeps the skin hydrated because of the Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE it contains. I have purchased the "OR313 Sunflower" shade, a shimmer copper rose colour, that works great with a little bronzer and an orange lipstick; the metallic/shimmer finish of this eye shadow makes it a hit since metallics are now the "it" thing. And let's not forget to say that you can easily remove this cream eye shadow without too much trouble.

    You are now leaving Gotham
    With hot weather making us lazier, an easy way to add colour to our make-up is the Shiseido "Shimmering Cream Eye Colour". The lightweight and moisturising texture allows you to build up the product according to the finish you want to achieve and with a variety of shades to choose from, you can create endless combinations! And because summer tends to dry our skin, this eye shadow also moisturises the eye area.

    P.S. Have a great weekend gorgeous! What are your make-up alterations for the summer?

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