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  1. Review: Benefit Cosmetics "High Brow"

    Thursday, June 26, 2014

    There have been many times when I have stumbled upon things or people who at first glance didn't seem to measure up to something important or valuable for me. Take Batman for example; the first time we met, I was sure that he was no worthy enemy for me and my father but the more we faced of him, the more powerful and smart he got. First impressions can totally fool you so an open mind could save you from trouble.
    So, who's ready to drop thinking on first impressions?

    Well,to be honest with you, being prejudiced about something is a big personal character trace. So, while I was browsing at the local Benefit Cosmetics beauty counter, I stumbled upon "High Brow" brow lifting I was 99.9% sure that this product was something that I didn't need to add to my beauty regime. I am a big brows fan and I am always itching to try new products so there I was trying "High Brow" to see what it really did; I sampled it on my hand, blended and was impressed of the warm pink, illuminating hue it gave. I also applied it under my brow, following my arch and I loved the instant brow lift, which made me look like I had a good night's sleep. So with this brow lifting pencil in hand, you can accentuate your arched brows and freshen up your look. But let me share this little trick, "High Brow" can be used not only for your brows! I was curious enough to try this pencil as a regular highlighter and it delivers an amazing illuminating result on the cupid's bow, the apples and it can even pass for a concealer if you put a little quantity and blend it really well. I am so enamoured with "High Brow" that even when I don't apply full make-up and fill in my brows, I put on "High Brow" and I am ready to go!

    You are now leaving Gotham
    "High Brow" is the best friend for your brows and not only for them! This highlighting pencil brightens up your face and give the soft glowy look and has more uses than you can imagine! Once you start using it, you will love it so much you will carry it with you everywhere!

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