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  1. Sampling Monday: The results are in, Part 6!

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

    Old habits die hard and it's never too late to catch up on some Sampling Monday territory! I know it's Wednesday already and I know it's been some time since I wrote here, but I am here now.

    Arkham has not been easy for me but it's time I get the hang of it!

    Clinique "Custom-Repair Serum": I really really like to indulge into some pampering and serums and the perfect kinds of products to use before your moisturiser. This serum by Clinique is light, fragrance free and though the formula promises to firm and lift skin, reduce dark spots and even skin tone, improve radiance and texture. I didn't experience any big change, though my skin tended to feel smoother than it is.

    Estee Lauder "Sumptuous Extreme" mascara : I usually get excited over mini mascaras and this is no exception. The "Sumptuous Extreme" mascara has a conical wand, which is ideal to get the inner eyelashes and the formula runs a bit after a few hours. Apart from that little problem, the mascara gives a nice boost of volume and length to the lashes and separates them like a pro!

    Fresh Line "Artemis-Soothing and Hydrating Face and Eye Emulsion" : Going natural is great and I have to say that this emulsion seemed to work for the usual suspect on my face called "redness"; I used this emulsion after cleaning my face and before the moisturiser and found it light, a bit too light at times, but it managed to soothe my redness unexpectedly good.

    P.S. Sorry if I disappeared for a long time and if some of you kept reading and looking for me, thanks for doing that. We are a step closer to getting back to normal. Take care beautiful!

  2. Hello beauty friend

    Monday, January 26, 2015

    I don't know where to start but it's never too late to wish you all a happy new year and all the best to you and your loved ones!
    A good wish never hurt anybody!

    It has been a while since I have had the time (and maybe the mood?) to sit down and document what's going on in the batty beauty sphere. The holidays were extremely busy, with parties and galas piling up till there was no time left to get back home and get all geared up for some crime fighting; thank goodness for the Batmobile and the improvements Damian and Bats have worked on to make up for running out of time.
    But the big personal change that occurred was the fact that we had to leave our good old Manor and Batcave and move some place closer to Arkham. I am sure these news might form more than one question but the truth is that times have been hard and crazy and Arkham needs some extra care and 3 pairs of eyes to look over it.
    I deeply and dearly miss the Wayne Manor and the Batcave but Batman has thought over this through many different angles and this is a change that is required of us at the moment.

    But fear not dear reader because changes happen but classics always come back! And with that being said, expect beauty posts to come back soon and holy lipsticks! 

    Write to you soon, xo!

  3. Halloween is just two days away and Holidays are also around the corner; which means that organizing what gifts you are going to give and what will be in your own wishlist, is starting to take a shape. Here are a few links to give you a few ideas and keep you up to date about all stuff beauty and other.

    3 Iconic Catwoman Costumes: Newmar, Pfeiffer & Hathaway : xoVain is definitely one of my  favourite beauty sites and for this year's Halloween there are so many ideas and suggestions about what you can dress up. But this tutorial about Catwoman is on top of my list and I can think I will try these in my everyday make-up styles.

    AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #7 Preview : "Afterlife With Archie" by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla is a comic series that I have been following since its beginning and I am always looking forward what's next for Archie and the gang in this more adult and scarier story arch; Riverdale is filled with zombies and Archie along with Betty, Veronica and others are trying their best to survive the horror. The preview of "Afterlife With Archie #7" shows a little bit of the whereabouts of our heroes and makes the reader yearn for more.

    Bobbi Brown Holiday Gift Guide 2014 : As I have said before, I am sucker for fancy packaging and Bobbi Brown's holiday collection has some sophisticated limited edition packaging that gained a way into my heart. I would love to add all of it into my make-up collection but I decided to focus on a few products, and the "Deluxe Lip & Eye Palette", the "Scotch On the Rock-Lip Color" in "Bordeaux" and "Sultry Red" and the "Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio" are my picks.

    Kate Rowland Illustration And Jewellery Design : If you are a fan of cute jewellery and TV shows like "Arrested Development", "Game Of Thrones", "Parks And Recreation","Twin Peaks" and "Breaking Bad", Kateslittle store on Etsy is the place that combines both of those loves! From brooches to earrings, you will surely find something adorable and unique to declare your love for Ron Swanson or damn fine coffee and look stylish.


  4. Gather around each and all, it is the time for Halloween to come once more. The nights are longer and the tricks are bigger, but who has time to see who's hiding behind the Holiday Killer? Heroes and villains dance in the dark, chasing and marking Gotham's future and past; the Halloween is long but will Batman get through it at all?
    If you are looking for spooks and being pretty, grab "Batman: The Long Halloween" and read on for Talia's beauty secret.

     As we draw closer to the end of October and the end of the creepiest period of the year, Halloween, my mood changes from time to time but celebrations tend to cheer up Gotham and the Wayne Manor; Alfred is more than happy to decorate the house with pumpkins and cobwebs and even though me, Bruce and Damian have made a routine out of dressing up as our alter egos too often, Halloween is a chance to try something different.
    And by trying something different, let me tell you a little bit about this week's sample. "Artemis-Soothing and Hydrating Face and Eye Emulsion" by Fresh Line is in for "Sampling Monday" and let's get the details about it. This is a light and hydrating emulsion, specially formulated for sensitive skin. This emulsion is enriched with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing botanical ingredients to satisfy every need of sensitive skin types and fully hydrate the skin,while soothing irritations and redness. With the weather getting colder, my skin has shifted into an "I don't know what exactly I want" phase and I want to see how this emulsion treats it; also it is a win win thing that it can also be used for eyes. And last but not least, Fresh Line is a cosmetics company that uses natural ingredients and no chemicals for its wide range of products, from solid shampoos to intensive face treatments. Going natural is always good so let's try and see!

    P.S. Hope you have a great week y'all! What are your plans for Halloween this year?

  5. Reading and Wearing Make-Up #4

    Thursday, October 23, 2014

    I am a big fan of grand story arches in comic books that blur the lines between the comic mythos and history. Art influences life and life influences art and when you read or see something that walk in such fine themes, you better prepare for an amazing experience.
    And reading always has hidden surprises of art and life, waiting to be uncovered.

    "1602" by Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert is a wondrous comics journey in England during the Elizabethan era, an era that finds the Empire stricken by unusual storms and rumours spreading about powerful, inhuman beings walking the land. Heroes like Nick Fury, Dr. Strange, the X-Men, Spider-Man and others, go back into dark and strange times to save the universe once more, from a sinister and intricate plot to destroy everything. Neil Gaiman is a writer of novels, comic books, films,but most people know him from his amazing work on DC Comics "Sandman"; but on "1602", Gaiman takes on the Marvel universe and his unique perspective and storytelling create a whirling and different adventure. Andy Kubert, the artist responsible for the illustration of this story, comes from a family with history in comics illustration and is well known for his work in DC Comics and Marvel Comics and he has taken on drawing Batman and Damian many times; I have a soft spot for his art and I am not hiding it. This is an epic story, that grows more and more interesting with every page you turn and the artwork couldn't be greater than this.

    And to look fabulous while reading "1602" I chose to wear the Dior Addict "Fluid Stick" in 995 Intrigue, which a deep purple lipstick but with a twist. The "Fluid Stick" is lipstick, that comes with a brush to give flawless application with a single sweep and the formula combines the high-impact colour of a classic lipstick with the shine of a gloss. It is not as long wearing as I thought, but a re-application between a little break from reading is totally okay.

  6. Here in Gotham, it is already Tuesday and the "Sampling Monday" post is not up yet; somewhere in this vast, wide world and the universes that compose it must still be Monday, right?
    Multiversity is an excuse to put off things, and get to them later. Long live the multiverse!

    This week's "Sampling Monday" features Estee Lauder's "Sumptuous Extreme" mascara in extreme black. I am always excited when I get cosmetics samples, and this mascara is no exception. The "Sumptuous Extreme" mascara creates outrageous volume, lifts and curves to give an audacious, false-lash effect to make eyes look wider, brighter and more seductive. The unique formula of this mascara acts almost like lash extensions, multiplying and growing the look of lashes while at the same time conditioning them. The mascara brush (that bears a slight resemblance to a cone to get to your lashes in the inner part of the eye) has two types of bristles, flexible fibers to carry maximum formula and solid fibers to comb and separate for clump-free definition, to fully vamp your lashes. I can't wait to see how extreme this mascara is!

  7. There are some things a person seems to avoid as best as he/she can. For example, I try to stay away from any kind of heat for my hairstyles; I am not a big fan of blow-outs, I do not see any point in getting a straightener or a curling iron and I have not mastered any form of achieving a great hair with a little help of heat rollers. I have a big love for 50's hairstyles and a big fear that I will destroy my hair with a little heat so, I tend to stick to air drying my hair and doing top knots or other crazy stuff to achieve something of a look. There was a time when I showed up at a secret meeting with Batman and Commissioner Gordon with a turban to securely hide my bizarre pin-curl set.
    Turbans are a hair saviour during the most trying times.  

    So, with that off my chest, I want to introduce you a product that has become essential for me and my hair. Bumble and Bumble "Grooming Creme" is a styling moisturiser for achieving a casual, effortless hair looks without giving you any extra effort to achieve it. This styling cream can be used on damp or dry hair, and no matter if your hair is dry, oily or normal type, you can build the product according to your needs; it is also good for thick, coarse, afro textures and dry hair. "Grooming Creme" can also be combined with other hair products to add texture and shine.
    Personally, this styling cream has become an essential part of my hair styling routine. Every time I wash my hair, I put a small amount of "Grooming Creme" on my damp hair ends and then style my hair on a top knot (with the help of a hair doughnut) to get a very loose curl in my usual straight hair. I have also tried to do a pin-curl setting with this cream but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because for this type of hair styles, this cream does not give deliver a strong curl result. But with the unfortunate pin-curl set incident put aside, I have to say that I really like the lightweight of the formula, the smell of the product, which is not too heavy to annoy you and people around you, and how smooth and long-lasting the result is. My hair is less frizzy, more shiny and as the days go by, the loose curl result stays the same, with the curls becoming looser but staying fabulous.

    You are now leaving Gotham 
    Whether you are a hair enthusiast, straightening your hair with a blow-dryer, air drying your hair with various techniques or trying to create an effortless, soft and cool hair look with, "Grooming Creme" by Bumble and Bumble is the product that will bring out your dream hair. This is a product ideal for every hair type and for most different styling/hair need you may have; its lightweight formula, allows you to build up the product as you like, without weighing down your hair or making your hair appear greasier and less shiny. Whether you are lazy like me or not, "Grooming Creme" is a styling product that can find a way in your and your hair's heart.

    P.S. I thought I would kick off this week a little different but don't forget to check later for the "Sampling Monday" post!